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Riken Institute was founded in 1917. The photo paper manufacturing division of the institute became an independent company in 1936. The very next year, this company bought Olympic Camera manufacturer, and began manufacturing its own cameras. In 1963 the company was renamed Ricoh – after its line of cameras – and is still in production today as a manufacturer of digital cameras (all post-1963 cameras can be found on the Ricoh page).

Riken cameras: Years of manufacture:
Adler A 1938   Photo
Adler B 1938   Photo
Adler C 1939  
Adler III 1939   PhotoRarity index
Adler IIII (Four) c1936   Photo
Adler Semi (folding) 1938   Photo
Adler Semi (strut-folding) 1938  
Baby Kinsi 1941   Photo
Chukon Reflex c1939-1941   Photo
Gaica 1940  
Gokoku No.1 c1939   Photo
Golden Ricoh 16 1957   PhotoManualCollection
Golden Steky 1957   PhotoCollection
Hanken Camera 1952   PhotoComments
Kinshi I 1941-1943  
Ricoh 16 1958   Photo
Ricoh 300 1959-1960   PhotoRarity indexCollection
Ricoh 300S 1962   PhotoRarity indexCollection
Ricoh 35 1955   PhotoRarity indexManualCollection
Ricoh 35 (brown) 1955   Photo
Ricoh 35 Deluxe 1956   PhotoCollection
Ricoh 35 Deluxe L 1957  
Ricoh 35 New Deluxe 1956  
Ricoh 35 S 1957-1963   PhotoCollection
Ricoh 35 S2 1958   PhotoRarity indexCollection
Ricoh 35 S3 1959  
Ricoh 500 1957-1960   PhotoRarity indexCommentsManualCollection
Ricoh 500 Deluxe 1958  
Ricoh 519 Deluxe 1958   PhotoCollection
Ricoh 999 1960   Photo
Ricoh Auto 35 1960-1965   PhotoRarity indexManualCollection
Ricoh Auto 35-L 1961-1964  
Ricoh Auto 35-V 1961   Collection
Ricoh Auto 66 1960-1964   PhotoCollection
Ricoh Auto Half 1960-1963   PhotoRarity indexManualCollection
Ricoh Auto Shot 1960-1966   PhotoRarity indexManualCollection
Ricoh Caddy 1961   PhotoRarity indexCollection
Ricoh DIA 1955   PhotoCollection
Ricoh Diacord G 1958   PhotoWishlist
Ricoh Diacord L 1958   PhotoManualCollectionWishlist
Ricoh Jet 1960   PhotoCollection
Ricoh Mate 1960   PhotoCollection
Ricoh Max 1959  
Ricoh S3 1959  
Ricoh Six 1952   Collection
Ricoh Super 44 1958   PhotoRarity indexManualCollection
Ricoh Wide 1959   PhotoRarity indexCollection
Ricohflex B 1941   Rarity indexCollection
Ricohflex Diamond (Dia) 1955   PhotoManualCollection
Ricohflex Diamond L (Dia L) 1957   PhotoManualCollection
Ricohflex Diamond M (Dia M) 1956   Photo
Ricohflex Holiday 1956   PhotoCollection
Ricohflex L 1957  
Ricohflex Million 1957   PhotoRarity indexCollection
Ricohflex Model III 1950   PhotoCommentsCollection
Ricohflex Model IIIB 1951   PhotoCollection
Ricohflex Model IV 1952   PhotoRarity indexCollection
Ricohflex Model VI 1953   PhotoRarity indexCollection
Ricohflex Model VII 1954   PhotoCollection
Ricohflex Model VII M 1954   Collection
Ricohflex Model VII S 1955   PhotoCollection
Ricohflex New Diamond (New Dia) 1956   PhotoCommentsCollection
Ricohl I (Ricoh Model 1) 1941   Photo
Ricohl IIb 1941   Photo
Ricohmatic 225 1959-1962   PhotoRarity indexManualCollection
Ricohmatic 35 1961-1964   PhotoManualCollection
Ricohmatic 44 1956   PhotoManualCollection
Ricolet 1954   PhotoRarity indexCommentsCollection
Ricolet II 1955   Rarity index
Ricolet S 1955   Collection
Riken 35 1954  
Riken 35 S 1955  
Roico 1940-1943   Photo
Roico III 1943  
Semi Heil 1941  
Silver Steky 1957  
Steky (Made in Tokyo) 1947   PhotoComments
Steky I 1947   PhotoRarity indexCollection
Steky I (golden) 1947   Photo
Steky II c1950-1955   PhotoCollection
Steky III c1950-1955   PhotoRarity indexCollectionWishlist
Steky IIIa c1950-1955   PhotoCollection
Steky IIIa Luxus c1950-1955  
Steky IIIb c1950-1955   PhotoRarity indexCollection
Super Ricohflex 1955   PhotoRarity indexCommentsManualCollection
Super Ricohflex (prototype) c1955   Photo
Uniflex 1960  
Vest Adler 1940  

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