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Leica Lens Compendium - a book by Erwin Puts
Cameras - a chapter from the "Photography Its Materials And Processes" book by C. B. NEBLETTE (1952). Describes the fundamentals of classic cameras
Lenses - another chapter describing the fundamentals of camera lenses
Shutters - and another one describing camera shutters
Camera Values Comparison: 1990 vs. 2005 - a list compiled by Peter Kroezen
Top 50 camera values in the past several years of "hammer" auctions
Top 50 most often auctioned cameras also in the "hammer" auctions
Top 15 Unusual Cameras
Top 14 Spy Cameras
Zeiss Company History - timetable of the company mergers since 1909
Carl Stormer and his C.P.Stirn camera
Zeiss Ikon sizes classification for cameras from 1927 to 1960
Kodak film sizes and corresponding model numbers
New classic cameras - list of recently manufactured cameras which could become or became collectible
Manufacturer logos - all the logos we have on the site

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