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PlaubelPeco Profia (1967)

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1967. 9x12, 13x18, or 18x24cm exposures, monorail camera. Prices vary between sizes and model designations (V,N,Z). See the post by Richard Hofacker below.

Plaubel: Peco Profia (1967) camera

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by RichardHofacker » Tue Dec 03, 2013 11:39 pm

The price of a Plaubel Peco Profia depends on which model it is, so here is a brief description together with some of the 1976 factory prices (in Deutschmarks) FOB Frankfurt Germany, without lens or the numerous accessories, so the collector can get a feel for the value of this popular and versatile professional monorail camera, used throughout the world. The first eight different Profia models were all introduced between 1967 and 1968 and designed by Plaubel's owner, Goetz Schrader. There are three basic film format sizes in metric (9 cm x 12 cm, 13 cm x 18 cm, and 18 x 24 cm) and three basic film sizes in USA (4" X 5" , 5" X 7", and 8" x 10"); the revolving camera backs are incompatible so if the buyer intends to use the camera, he/she must be certain which film back, metric or USA, is on it. The 9 cm x 12 cm / 4" x 5" camera came in three different models: "V" (952 DM), "N" (965 DM), and "Z" (1,410 DM). The 13 cm x 18 cm / 5" x 7" camera also came in three models: "V" (1,250 DM), "N" (1,825 DM), and "Z" (2,347 DM). The 18 cm x 24 cm / 8" x 10" camera came in only two models: "N" (2,647 DM) and "Z" (3,168 DM). The technical differences are too many to list here, but as the photo shows, the camera is readily recognized because of the four vertical posts, two supporting the front (lens and shutter) standard and two supporting the rear (ground-glass and film holder) standard, connected by the bellows and mounted on a tubular monorail. However, the lower-priced "V" series have square rails.

In 2012 Plaubel introduced four new Peco Profia models, which I am listing here with the 2012 factory prices (in Euros) FOB Frankfurt Germany, without lenses or the numerous accessories. Like the older Peco Profia models, the "NT" and "ZT" cameras are built on monorails and are available in three metric film formats and three USA film formats. The 9 cm x 12 cm / 4" x 5" Peco Profia NT was listed in 2012 at 1,705 E; the 13 cm x 18 cm / 5" x 7" list price was 2,328 E; the 18 cm x 24 cm / 8" x 10" was listed at 3,345 E. The Plaubel Peco Profia ZT 9 cm x 12 cm / 4" x 5" camera's list price was 2,475 E; the 13 cm x 18 cm / 5" x 7" ZT was listed at 3,366 E; and the 18 cm x 24 cm / 8" x 10" ZT list price was 4,205 E.

The last two 2012 models are radically different in appearance. Both are constructed with black "L" shaped front and rear standards instead of the former U-shaped standards, but are still based on the monorail design. The Plaubel Peco Profia PL69D (4,150 E) is built for the medium format 6 cm x 9 cm 2-1/4" x 3-1/4" so its film specifications are for 120 roll-film BUT the main attraction is the new Plaubel Digital Adapter PL69D (an additional 1,420 E). The latest (2012) Plaubel Peco Profia model is the PL1 (2,375 E) for 9 cm x 12 cm / 4 x 5 format and can be used with the Plaubel Digital Adapter 70D (1,420 E) for 4" x 5" cameras.

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by diser » Thu Dec 19, 2013 9:30 pm

Great info, thanks Richard! I'll be revising Plaubel cameras soon, and I'll make sure to consider all this stuff :)

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