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Plaubel was founded in 1902 in Germany. The first camera was manufactured in 1910.

The company changed both its ownership and its country of operations in 1975, when it was bought by a Japanese Kimio Doi company. Plaubel still produces large format cameras.

Plaubel cameras: Years of manufacture:
Afpi-Quer-Peco 1902-1914  
Afpi-Quer-Peco Stereo 1902-1914  
Fix Focus 1933-1934  
Klappkamera (Folding Camera) 1910-1915  
Luftbildkamera (Aerial) c1955   PhotoCollectionRarity index
Maki 69 1973   Photo
Makiflex 1961-1970s   Photo
Makiflex Standard 1966-1970s   PhotoCollection
Makina 67 1978   PhotoCollectionchart
Makina 67 (dummy) 1978   Photo
Makina 670 1983   PhotoCollectionchart
Makina I 1912-1933   PhotoCollectionchartRarity index
Makina I (Baby) 1912-1931   Photochart
Makina II 1933-1939   PhotoCollectionchartCommentsRarity index
Makina II S 1936-1949   PhotoCollectionchartRarity index
Makina IIa 1946-1948  
Makina IIb 1946-1948   Photo
Makina III 1949-1953   PhotoCollectionchart
Makina III R 1953-1960   PhotoCollectionManual
Makina III S c1950   Photo
Makina Stereo 1912-1941   PhotochartComments
Makina W 67 1981   Photo
Makinette 1931   PhotoCollectionchart
Makinette (chrome) 1931   PhotoCollection
Makinette 16 Prototype 1958  
Makinette 67 1976  
Minimum-Peco 1902-1915  
Normal Peco 1926  
Optime Fix Focus c1937  
Peco 1952   Photo
Peco Junior 1958-1960s   Photo
Peco Profia (1967) 1967   PhotoComments
Peco Profia (2012) 2012  
Peco Reisekamera (Field Camera) c1914  
Peco Simplex 1902-1914  
Peco Supra 1954   Photo
Peco Supra II 1956   Photo
Peco Universal I c1956-1961  
Peco Universal II 1956   PhotoCollection
Peco Universal III 1960   Photo
Pecoflex 1961-1970s   Photo
Pecoflex Standard 1966-1970s  
Peconette I 1920s  
Peconette II 1920s  
Pecoroll (1903) 1903  
Pecoroll (1904) 1904   Photo
Pecoroll (folding) c1910s   Photo
Pecoscop 1910-1912  
Plaubel Roll-Film Camera c1936  
Pocket Peco c1902-1914  
Pr├Ązisions-Peco 1913-1922   Photo
Reflex Peco 1908  
Roll-Op (dual format) 1934  
Roll-Op (I) 1934  
Roll-Op (II) 1935-1940   PhotoCollectionchartManualRarity index
Special Tele-Peco 1907  
Sportcamera c1955  
Superwide 69W Proshift 1982   Photochart
Uno Stereo-Peco 1907  
Veriwide 100 1960   PhotoCollectionchartRarity index

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