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GAF (General Aniline & Film) traces its company roots back to 1886, but in the photographic industry it only became known in 1939. In that year, the AGFA-Ansco company changed its name to GAF as a result of a change in ownership in the American IG company, which is the parent company of GAF. Cameras under the GAF name - mostly made by Chinon - appeared later, in 1967, when the Ansco brand name was dropped. GAF photographic business shut down operations in the early 1990s, although the company itself is still active.

GAF cameras: Years of manufacture:
136 XF c1969   Photo
236 XF c1969   Photo
805M Macro c1979   Photo
Anscomatic 126 c1967   PhotoCommentsCollection
Anscomatic 236 c1960s   PhotoCollection
Anscomatic 436 c1960s   PhotoCollection
Anscomatic 626 c1967   PhotoCommentsCollection
Anscomatic 726 1966   PhotoCollection
Anscomatic Cadet 1966-1967   PhotoCollection
Anscomatic Cadet Flash 1966-1967   PhotoCollection
GAF 65 1972   PhotoCollection
GAF L-14 c1973  
GAF L-17 c1973   PhotoManualCollection
GAF L-CM 1975   PhotoCollection
GAF L-CS c1974   Manual
GAF L-ES c1974   PhotoRarity indexManualCollection
GAF L-ES / 2 c1976   ManualCollection
GAF LC-X c1975  
GAF Memo 35 EE c1979   PhotoManualCollection
GAF Memo 35 ET c1976   PhotoRarity indexCollection
GAF Pocket 200 c1970   PhotoCollection
GAF Pocket 2020 c1976  
GAF Pocket 2020 S c1976  
GAF Pocket 220 1973   PhotoCommentsCollection
GAF Pocket 440 c1973  
GAF Pocket 660 c1974  
GAF Pocket 880 c1974  
GAF Point Five c1979   PhotoCollection
GAF SC/100 c1972   Photo
GAF SC/102 c1972   PhotoCollection
Personal Camera 1975   PhotoCollection

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