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AGFA-ANSCO is a result of a merger between the AGFA and Ansco companies in 1928. THe resultant company produced models from both the Ansco and Agfa lines. In 1939, the Agfa-Ansco name was changed to GAF (General Aniline & Film), and the company continued to produce both AGFA and Ansco cameras. In 1941, the AGFA and Ansco brands were split off from each other, with Ansco remaining part of the GAF company. But in 1967 the Ansco brand was dropped completely, while the company continued to be known as GAF. GAF ultimately ceased to exist in the early 1990s.

AGFA ANSCO cameras: Years of manufacture:
Agfa Box A-8 1936   PhotoCollection
Allwetter Box (allweather) 1932  
Antar Box 2A c1924-1929   PhotoManual
Antar Box 2A Vogue c1924-1929   Photo
Antar PB-20 c1935   PhotoCollection
Box 'Stars & Stripes' c1935  
Box 2 (black) 1932   CollectionManual
Box 2 (color) 1932   PhotoCollectionManual
Box 2A (black) 1932   PhotoCollection
Box 2A (color) 1932   Collection
Box 2A Model F 1932   Photo
Brownbilt Shoes c1938  
Cadet A-8 1937-1940   PhotoCollection
Cadet A-8 Flash 1940   PhotoCollectionComments
Cadet A-8 Special 1936   Photo
Cadet B-2 1937-1940   PhotoCollectionCommentsManual
Cadet B-2 Texas Centennial 1936   PhotoCollection
Cadet D-6 1935-1941   PhotoCollectionCommentsManual
Captain 1935   PhotoCollection
Chief c1935-1941   PhotoCollectionCommentsManual
Cine Ansco Model A c1930s  
Cine Ansco Model B c1930s   Photo
Clipper PD-16 1936-1939   PhotoCollectionCommentsManual
Clipper Special c1938-1940   PhotoCollectionComments
Commercial View Camera 1932  
General c1930s   Photo
Karomat 36 1949-1954   Photo
Major 1940   Photo
Memo 1939   PhotoCollection
Memo (half-frame) 1928-1933  
PB20 Readyset c1934-1939   PhotoCollection
Pioneer 1 1940   Collection
Pioneer 1A 1940  
Pioneer PB-20 c1940   Manual
Pioneer PD-16 c1940   PhotoCollectionComments
Plenax 1 1935-1940  
Plenax 1A 1935-1940  
Plenax PB-20 1935   PhotoCollectionManual
Plenax PD-16 1935   PhotoCollection
Readyset No. 1 Moroccan c1929   PhotoCollectionRarity index
Readyset Special No.1A 1926-1940   CollectionManual
Readyset Special No.1A brown 1926-1940   PhotoCollection
Readyset Traveller No.1 1926-1930   Collection
Readyset Traveller No.1A 1926-1931   PhotoCollectionRarity index
Risdon Model A 1931   PhotoCollection
Risdon Model B 1931  
Shur-Flash 1932-1936   PhotoCollection
Shur-Shot c1932-1940   PhotoCollectionComments
Shur-Shot Regular c1932-1941   PhotoCollectionManual
Shur-Shot Special c1932-1941   PhotoCollectionManual
Speedex 1936   Collection
Speedex 0 c1932-1936  
Speedex B2 1936-1940   PhotoCollection
Speedex Junior (B2) 1936-1940   PhotoManual
Speedex Special R c1940   PhotoCollection
Standard View Camera 1932  
Supre Macy M 16 c1940   Collection
Supre Macy M 20 1935-1940   Collection
Tripar PB-20 c1935  
Universal DeLuxe View 1932  
Universal Junior View 1932  
Universal View 1932   Photo
Viking c1940   PhotoCollectionComments

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