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Originally, Asahi Pentax produced lenses for several camera manufacturers. In 1951 the company began to manufacture its own cameras. The first of these, the Asahiflex, was also the first Japanese 35mm SLR. The 'Pentax' trademark was acquired by Asahi from Zeiss Ikon in 1957. Many Pentax cameras were also sold under the 'Honeywell' name, by the Honeywell company, which was a distributor, not a manufacturer. On March 31, 2008, Pentax merged with the Hoya Corporation. You can find quite a bit of information about Pentax SLR cameras at Bojidar Dimitrov's Pentax K-Mount Page.
If you are looking for Asahi/Pentax collectible lens prices, check the Asahi Lens Price Guide.

Asahi cameras:
Asahiflex H2  PhotoInfoComments
Asahiflex H2 (Penta)  PhotoInfo
Asahiflex I  PhotoInfoCollectionComments
Asahiflex IA  PhotoInfoCollectionComments
Asahiflex IIA  PhotoInfoCollectionchartComments
Asahiflex IIB  PhotoInfoCollectionComments
Heiland Repronar Macro Camera  PhotoInfo
Honeywell Heiland Pentax H1  PhotoInfo
Honeywell Heiland Pentax H1a  Info
Honeywell Heiland Pentax H2  InfoCollectionCommentsManual
Honeywell Heiland Pentax H2 (black)  PhotoInfo
Honeywell Heiland Pentax H3  PhotoInfo
Honeywell Pentax ES  PhotoInfoCollectionManual
Honeywell Pentax ES II  InfoCollectionManual
Honeywell Pentax ES II Motor Drive  Info
Honeywell Pentax ES Motor Drive  Info
Honeywell Pentax H1  PhotoInfoCollectionManual
Honeywell Pentax H1a  PhotoInfoManual
Honeywell Pentax H3  PhotoInfoManual
Honeywell Pentax H3 (black)  Info
Honeywell Pentax H3V (black)  InfoManual
Honeywell Pentax H3V (chrome)  PhotoInfoCollectionCommentsManual
Honeywell Pentax SL  InfoCollectionManual
Honeywell Pentax SP 1000  PhotoInfoCollectionManual
Honeywell Pentax SP500  InfoCollectionManual
Honeywell Pentax Spotmatic (SP)  PhotoInfoCollectionManual
Honeywell Pentax Spotmatic (SP) II  PhotoInfoCollectionManual
Honeywell Pentax Spotmatic (SP) II Motor Drive  Info
Honeywell Pentax Spotmatic (SP) IIa  PhotoInfoCollectionManual
Honeywell Pentax Spotmatic (SP) Motor Drive (with motor)  PhotoInfo
Honeywell Pentax Spotmatic F (SP-F)  PhotoInfoCollection
Honeywell Pentax Spotmatic F Motor Drive  Info
Pentar H2  PhotoInfo
Pentar K (black)  Info
Pentar K (chrome)  Info
Pentar S  PhotoInfoComments
Pentax 645  PhotoInfoManual
Pentax 645 N  PhotoInfoManual
Pentax 67  PhotoInfoCollectionManual
Pentax 67 II  PhotoInfoManual
Pentax 6x7  PhotoInfoCollectionchart
Pentax A 3000  PhotoInfoCollectionManual
Pentax A 3000 Date  Info
Pentax A3  InfoCollectionManual
Pentax A3 Date  PhotoInfoCollection
Pentax AP (original, black)  PhotoCollection
Pentax AP (original)  PhotoInfoCollectionCommentsManual
Pentax Auto 110  PhotoInfoCollectionManual
Pentax Auto 110 (case)  PhotoInfoCollection
Pentax Auto 110 (outfit)  PhotoInfo
Pentax Auto 110 Safari (brown)  PhotoInfo
Pentax Auto 110 Super  PhotoInfoCollectionManual
Pentax Auto 110 Super (outfit)  Photo
Pentax Auto 110 Transparent  Photo
Pentax Autosport  Info
Pentax Autosport Date  Info
Pentax Efina AF 50  PhotoInfoCollection
Pentax Efina black  PhotoInfo
Pentax Efina silver  Info
Pentax Efina T  Info
Pentax ES (Electro Spotmatic)  PhotoInfoCollectionCommentsManual
Pentax ES II  PhotoInfoCollectionComments
Pentax ES II (gold)  Photo
Pentax ES II Motor Drive  Info
Pentax ES Motor Drive  Info
Pentax Espio (IQ Zoom)  InfoManual
Pentax Espio 105G  PhotoInfoCollection
Pentax Espio 105Mi  Info
Pentax Espio 105S  Info
Pentax Espio 105SW  Info
Pentax Espio 105WR  Info
Pentax Espio 110  Info
Pentax Espio 115  PhotoInfoCollection
Pentax Espio 115G  InfoCollection
Pentax Espio 115M  PhotoInfoCollectionManual
Pentax Espio 120  PhotoInfoCollection
Pentax Espio 120 Mi  InfoManual
Pentax Espio 120SW  Info
Pentax Espio 120SW II 
Pentax Espio 130M 
Pentax Espio 135M  Info
Pentax Espio 140  InfoCollectionManual
Pentax Espio 140M  Info
Pentax Espio 140V  PhotoInfo
Pentax Espio 145M Super  Manual
Pentax Espio 150SL  InfoCollection
Pentax Espio 160  Info
Pentax Espio 170SL  Info
Pentax Espio 200  Info
Pentax Espio 24EW  Info
Pentax Espio 60S  Info
Pentax Espio 60V  Info
Pentax Espio 628 
Pentax Espio 70  Info
Pentax Espio 70-E  Info
Pentax Espio 738  InfoCollection
Pentax Espio 738G  InfoManual
Pentax Espio 738S  Collection
Pentax Espio 80  Info
Pentax Espio 80-E  Info
Pentax Espio 80V  InfoManual
Pentax Espio 838  Info
Pentax Espio 838G  InfoManual
Pentax Espio 838S  Info
Pentax Espio 90MC  PhotoInfo
Pentax Espio 928  PhotoInfoCollection
Pentax Espio 928M  Info
Pentax Espio Junior  Info
Pentax Espio Mini  PhotoInfoCollectionManual
Pentax Espio P 
Pentax Espio W  Info
Pentax H2  PhotoInfoCollectionComments
Pentax H2 (black)  PhotoInfo
Pentax H2 (Store Demonstrator, black)  PhotoInfo
Pentax H2 (Store Demonstrator, chrome)  PhotoInfo
Pentax IQ-Zoom 
Pentax IQ-Zoom 105 Super  InfoManual
Pentax IQ-Zoom 105-R 
Pentax IQ-Zoom 105G  Manual
Pentax IQ-Zoom 105S  InfoManual
Pentax IQ-Zoom 105SW  Info
Pentax IQ-Zoom 105WR  InfoManual
Pentax IQ-Zoom 110  InfoManual
Pentax IQ-Zoom 115  InfoManual
Pentax IQ-Zoom 115G  PhotoInfoCollection
Pentax IQ-Zoom 115M  PhotoInfoCollectionManual
Pentax IQ-Zoom 115S  Info
Pentax IQ-Zoom 120  PhotoInfoManual
Pentax IQ-Zoom 120Mi  InfoManual
Pentax IQ-Zoom 120SW  Info
Pentax IQ-Zoom 130M  PhotoCollection
Pentax IQ-Zoom 135M  Manual
Pentax IQ-Zoom 140  Info
Pentax IQ-Zoom 140M  InfoManual
Pentax IQ-Zoom 140M Super  Info
Pentax IQ-Zoom 150SL 
Pentax IQ-Zoom 160 
Pentax IQ-Zoom 170SL 
Pentax IQ-Zoom 200  InfoManual
Pentax IQ-Zoom 28W  Info
Pentax IQ-Zoom 60  InfoManual
Pentax IQ-Zoom 60R  PhotoInfoCollectionManual
Pentax IQ-Zoom 60S  Info
Pentax IQ-Zoom 70  PhotoInfoCollection
Pentax IQ-Zoom 70 XL  PhotoInfoCollectionManual
Pentax IQ-Zoom 700  InfoManual
Pentax IQ-Zoom 735  InfoManual
Pentax IQ-Zoom 80E  InfoManual
Pentax IQ-Zoom 80G  Info
Pentax IQ-Zoom 80S  Info
Pentax IQ-Zoom 835  InfoManual
Pentax IQ-Zoom 900  InfoManual
Pentax IQ-Zoom 90MC  InfoManual
Pentax IQ-Zoom 90WR  PhotoInfoCollection
Pentax IQ-Zoom 928  InfoManual
Pentax IQ-Zoom 928M  Info
Pentax IQ-Zoom 95S 
Pentax IQ-Zoom 95WR  Info
Pentax IQ-Zoom EZY  PhotoInfoCollectionManual
Pentax IQ-Zoom EZY-80  PhotoCollectionManual
Pentax IQ-Zoom EZY-R  PhotoCollectionManual
Pentax IQ-Zoom EZY-S 
Pentax K (black)  PhotoInfoCollectionCommentsManual
Pentax K (chrome)  PhotoInfoCollectionCommentsManual
Pentax K1000  PhotoInfoCollectionCommentsManual
Pentax K1000 Anniversary  InfoCollection
Pentax K1000 SE  PhotoInfoCollection
Pentax K2 (black)  PhotoInfoCollectionManual
Pentax K2 (chrome)  PhotoInfoManual
Pentax K2 DMD  PhotoInfoManual
Pentax KM  PhotoInfoCollectionManual
Pentax KM Motor Drive  Info
Pentax KX  PhotoInfoCollectionManual
Pentax KX Motor Drive  Info
Pentax LX  PhotoInfoCollectionManual
Pentax LX 2000  PhotoInfo
Pentax LX Gold  PhotoInfo
Pentax ME  PhotoInfoCollectionCommentsManual
Pentax ME F  PhotoInfoCollectionCommentsManual
Pentax ME F (black)  PhotoInfoCollection
Pentax ME SE  PhotoInfoCollectionComments
Pentax ME Super  PhotoInfoCollectionCommentsManual
Pentax ME Super (black)  PhotoInfoCollection
Pentax MG  PhotoInfoCollectionManual
Pentax Mini Sport 35 AF  PhotoInfoCollectionManual
Pentax Mini Sport 35M 
Pentax MV  PhotoInfoCollectionCommentsManual
Pentax MV-1  PhotoInfoCollectionManual
Pentax MX  PhotoInfoCollectionCommentsManual
Pentax MX 'Japan Camera Show'  Photo
Pentax MZ 10 black  InfoManual
Pentax MZ 10 silver  PhotoInfoManual
Pentax MZ 3  PhotoInfoCollectionManual
Pentax MZ 50  InfoCollectionCommentsManual
Pentax MZ 5N  PhotoInfoCollectionManual
Pentax MZ-30  PhotoInfoCollection
Pentax MZ-5  PhotoInfo
Pentax MZ-6  PhotoInfoCollectionManual
Pentax MZ-60  PhotoInfoCollection
Pentax MZ-7  PhotoInfoCollectionManual
Pentax MZ-M  PhotoInfoCollectionManual
Pentax MZ-S  PhotoInfoCollectionCommentsManual
Pentax P 3  PhotoInfoManual
Pentax P 3 N  PhotoInfoCollectionManual
Pentax P 30  PhotoInfoCollectionManual
Pentax P 30 Date  InfoCollection
Pentax P 30 N  PhotoInfoCollection
Pentax P 30 T  PhotoInfoCollectionManual
Pentax P 5  InfoManual
Pentax P 50  PhotoInfoCollectionManual
Pentax P 50 Date  Info
Pentax PC 100  InfoManual
Pentax PC 30  Info
Pentax PC 300  InfoManual
Pentax PC 300 Date  InfoManual
Pentax PC 303  PhotoInfoManual
Pentax PC 313  InfoManual
Pentax PC 33  PhotoInfoCollectionManual
Pentax PC 330  InfoCollection
Pentax PC 330 Date  Info
Pentax PC 333  PhotoInfoCollectionManual
Pentax PC 333 Date  InfoManual
Pentax PC 35 AF  PhotoInfoCollectionManual
Pentax PC 35 AF Date  InfoManual
Pentax PC 35 AF M  PhotoInfoCollectionManual
Pentax PC 35 AF M Date  InfoManual
Pentax PC 35 AF Red  Info
Pentax PC 35 R 
Pentax PC 50  InfoManual
Pentax PC 500  InfoManual
Pentax PC 500 Date  InfoManual
Pentax PC 505  PhotoInfoCollectionManual
Pentax PC 505 Date  InfoManual
Pentax PC 55  Info
Pentax PC 550  PhotoInfoCollection
Pentax PC 550 Date  PhotoInfoCollection
Pentax PC 555  InfoManual
Pentax PC 555 Date  InfoManual
Pentax PC 555 Gold  Info
Pentax PC 606 W  InfoManual
Pentax PC 606 W Date  InfoManual
Pentax PC 700  InfoCollection
Pentax PC 700 Date  Info
Pentax Pino 35  InfoManual
Pentax Pino 35 E  Info
Pentax Pino 35 J  Info
Pentax Pino 35 M  InfoManual
Pentax Pino 35 S  Info
Pentax Pino AF  Info
Pentax Pino J  Info
Pentax Program A  PhotoInfoCollectionManual
Pentax Program Plus  PhotoInfoCollectionManual
Pentax PZ 1  InfoManual
Pentax PZ 1 P  PhotoInfoCollection
Pentax PZ 1 S.E.  Info
Pentax PZ 10  PhotoInfoCollectionManual
Pentax PZ 20  InfoManual
Pentax PZ 50P  Info
Pentax PZ 70  InfoManual
Pentax S  InfoCollectionCommentsManual
Pentax S (black)  PhotoCollection
Pentax S1  PhotoInfoCollectionManual
Pentax S1 (black)  PhotoInfo
Pentax S1a  PhotoInfoCollectionManual
Pentax S1a (black)  PhotoInfoComments
Pentax S2  PhotoInfoManual
Pentax S2 (black)  PhotoInfo
Pentax S3  PhotoInfoCollectionManual
Pentax S3 (black)  PhotoInfo
Pentax SB  Info
Pentax SB2  Info
Pentax SF 1  PhotoInfoManual
Pentax SF 10  PhotoInfoCollectionManual
Pentax SF 1n  Info
Pentax SF 7  PhotoInfoManual
Pentax SFX  PhotoInfoCollectionManual
Pentax SFX (transparent)  Photo
Pentax SFXn  PhotoInfoManual
Pentax SL  PhotoInfoCollection
Pentax SL (black)  PhotoInfoCollection
Pentax SP500  PhotoInfoCollectionManual
Pentax Sport  Info
Pentax Sport 35  Info
Pentax Sport 35 Motor  PhotoInfoCollection
Pentax Sport DX  Photo
Pentax Spotmatic (SP) (black)  PhotoInfoCollectionManual
Pentax Spotmatic (SP) (chrome)  PhotoInfoCollectionCommentsManual
Pentax Spotmatic (SP) II  PhotoInfoCollectionManual
Pentax Spotmatic (SP) II (black)  PhotoInfoCollection
Pentax Spotmatic (SP) II Motor Drive  PhotoInfo
Pentax Spotmatic 1000 (SP1000)  PhotoInfoCollectionManual
Pentax Spotmatic F (SP-F) (black)  PhotoInfoCollectionManual
Pentax Spotmatic F (SP-F) (chrome)  PhotoInfoCollectionManual
Pentax Spotmatic F Motor Drive  Info
Pentax Spotmatic Motor Drive (with motor)  PhotoInfo
Pentax Spotmatic Motor Drive (without motor)  Info
Pentax Spotmatic Motor Drive System  PhotoInfo
Pentax Super A  PhotoInfoCollectionManual
Pentax Super A black  PhotoInfoCollection
Pentax Super Program  PhotoInfoCollectionManual
Pentax Super S2  PhotoInfoCollectionComments
Pentax Super Sport 35  InfoComments
Pentax SV (black)  PhotoInfoCollectionManual
Pentax SV (chrome)  PhotoInfoCollectionManual
Pentax UC 1  Info
Pentax UC 1 Date  Info
Pentax Ultra Sport  Info
Pentax Ultra Sport Date  Info
Pentax Z-1  PhotoInfoManual
Pentax Z-1 Demo  Photo
Pentax Z-10  PhotoInfoCollection
Pentax Z-1P  PhotoInfo
Pentax Z-20  InfoCollectionManual
Pentax Z-5  Info
Pentax Z-50 P  Info
Pentax Z-5P  Info
Pentax Z-70  InfoManual
Pentax Z-70P  InfoCollection
Pentax Zoom 105 
Pentax Zoom 105 R  PhotoInfoCollectionManual
Pentax Zoom 105 Super  PhotoInfoCollection
Pentax Zoom 280 P  InfoCollection
Pentax Zoom 60  PhotoInfoCollectionManual
Pentax Zoom 60 X  PhotoInfoCollection
Pentax Zoom 70  PhotoInfoCollectionManual
Pentax Zoom 70 R  PhotoInfoCollectionManual
Pentax Zoom 70 S  PhotoInfoCollection
Pentax Zoom 70 X  PhotoInfoCollection
Pentax Zoom 90  InfoCollectionManual
Pentax Zoom 90 R  Info
Pentax Zoom 90 WR  PhotoInfoCollection
Pentax ZX 10 black  Info
Pentax ZX 10 silver  PhotoInfoCollection
Pentax ZX 5  InfoCollectionManual
Pentax ZX 50  PhotoInfoCollectionManual
Pentax ZX 5N  Info
Pentax ZX 60  PhotoInfo
Pentax ZX-M  PhotoInfoManual
Tower 22 (Sears)  PhotoInfoCollection
Tower 23 (Sears, Asahiflex IA)  PhotoInfoComments
Tower 23 (Sears, Asahiflex IIB)  PhotoInfoCollectionManual
Tower 24 (Sears)  PhotoInfoCollection
Tower 26 (Sears)  PhotoInfoCollection
Tower 29 (Sears)  PhotoInfoComments

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