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AsahiTower 23 (Sears, Asahiflex IA)

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1953-1954. 35mm SLR camera. Export version of the Asahiflex IA. Somewhat rare.

Asahi: Tower 23 (Sears, Asahiflex IA) camera

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by minitw » Sat Jul 19, 2014 6:43 pm

This is a super rare variant of the Tower Asahiflex cameras. You know if you have a IA if you see the following:

- Old flash syncs
- Asahi logo on the top of the view finder
- Arrows on the shutter dial instead of triangles
- "Asahi Opt Co" embossed on the back leatherette

Keep in mind that during the period in the 50's when they were pumping out the Tower cameras for distribution they didn't have a set standard what elements were on the cameras. For instance, I have heard for example that there are instances where the logo is not there, but the leather "Asahi Opt Co" is embossed. So sometimes not all the elements are there. This reflects that model transition when Pentax was making the cameras from Asahiflex IA to Asahiflex IIB and Asahiflex IIA.

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by danial500 » Thu Oct 09, 2014 10:54 pm

Case in point, I have heard for instance that there are cases where the logo is not there, however the calfskin "Asahi Opt Co" is emblazoned. So now and again not all the components are there. This reflects that model move when Pentax was making the cams from Asahiflex IA to Asahiflex IIB and Asahiflex IIA.

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