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Check the Approximate Timeline of Zeiss History for additional information on how Zeiss cameras are listed on this web-site. This page includes cameras by 'VEB Zeiss Ikon Dresden' which became 'VEB Pentacon' later. VEB Pentacon cameras are included here too.

Zeiss Ikon VEB cameras: Years of manufacture:
Astraflex 35 1955-1962  
Astraflex Auto 35 1965-1971  
ConSol 1955   Photo
Contax D 1952-1954   PhotoCollectionWishlist
Contax D (small D) 1952-1954   PhotoRarity indexCollection
Contax E 1956   Photo
Contax F 1957   PhotoRarity indexCollection
Contax FB 1956   PhotoCollection
Contax FBM 1957   Photo
Contax FM 1957   Collection
Contax S (Model A) 1949   Photo
Contax S (Model B) 1950   Photo
Contax S (Model C) 1950-1951   PhotochartCollection
Ercona (I) 1947-1956   PhotoRarity indexCollection
Ercona II 1956   PhotoCollection
Exona 1956   Photo
Hexacon 1954   PhotoCommentsCollection
Pentacon 1948-1962   PhotoRarity indexManualCollection
Pentacon (no name) 1948-1962   PhotoManualWishlist
Pentacon AK 16 1958-1961   Photo
Pentacon AK 8 1957   Collection
Pentacon E 1956   PhotoComments
Pentacon Elektra 1967   PhotoCollection
Pentacon Elektra 2 1967   PhotoCollection
Pentacon F 1957-1960   PhotoRarity indexCollectionWishlist
Pentacon FB 1959   PhotoRarity indexCollection
Pentacon FBM 1958   Photo
Pentacon FM 1957   PhotoCollection
Pentacon HFK III c1983-1990s   PhotoRarity indexCollection
Pentacon K16 1979   PhotoCollectionWishlist
Pentacon Six 1966   PhotoRarity indexManualCollectionWishlist
Pentacon Six TL 1966   PhotochartRarity indexManualCollectionWishlist
Pentacon Super 1966   PhotochartCollection
Pentacon Super (with 250 magazine) 1966   Photo
Pentaflex 16 c1955   Photo
Pentaflex 8 1958   Photo
Pentaflex SL 1968-1970   PhotoManualCollection
Pentaka 8 1958   Collection
Pentaka 8 B 1958   PhotoCollection
Pentaka 8 I 1958  
Pentazet 16 A 1961-1980  
Pentazet 16 B 1961-1980  
Penti (aqua/gold) 1959   PhotoRarity indexCollectionWishlist
Penti (black/gold) 1959   PhotoCollection
Penti (red/gold) 1959   PhotoCollection
Penti (white/gold) 1959   PhotoCollection
Penti I (black/gold) 1965   PhotoCollection
Penti I (blue/gold) 1965   Rarity indexCollection
Penti I (silver) 1965   PhotoCollection
Penti I (white/gold) 1965  
Penti II (black/gold) 1960   PhotoRarity indexCollection
Penti II (green/red/ivory) 1960   PhotoCollection
Penti II (silver) 1960  
Pentina E 1964   PhotoCollection
Pentina FM 1964   Collection
Pentina I 1961  
Pentina II 1961   PhotoCollection
Pentina M 1964   PhotoRarity indexCollection
Pentona (I) 1956   PhotoRarity indexCollection
Pentona II 1963   PhotoRarity indexCollection
Pentor Super TL 1968   Photo
Prakti 1961   PhotoCollection
Prakti II 1966   Collection
Praktica B 100 1981-1986   PhotoManualCollectionfor_sale
Praktica B 100 M c1981-1986   Rarity index
Praktica B 200 1982-1985   PhotoManualCollectionfor_sale
Praktica B 200S c1982   Photo
Praktica BC Auto 1985  
Praktica BC1 1985-1988   PhotoRarity indexManualCollection
Praktica BC3 1985-1988   PhotoManual
Praktica BCA 1986-1989   PhotoManualCollection
Praktica BCA M c1986-1989  
Praktica BCC 1989-1990  
Praktica BCS 1989-1990   Collection
Praktica BCX 1983-1984  
Praktica BF (md/af) 1997  
Praktica BM 1989-1990  
Praktica BMS 1989-1990   PhotoRarity indexManualCollection
Praktica BX 10 1989-1990  
Praktica BX 10 DX 1989-1990  
Praktica BX 20 1987-1990   PhotoRarity indexManualCollection
Praktica BX 20D c2000  
Praktica BX 20S (Letzte Serie) 2001   Photo
Praktica BX 20S (VEB Model) 1990  
Praktica BX 20S black c1992-2000   PhotoManualCollection
Praktica BX 20S black/green 2000  
Praktica BX 20S ED c1996-1997  
Praktica BX 20S green 2000   PhotoManual
Praktica BX 20S green (no label) c2000  
Praktica BX 20S green/black 2000   Photo
Praktica BX 20S Schneider c2000   ManualCollection
Praktica BX 21 DX 1990  
Praktica BX ED H 1996-1997  
Praktica BX ED V 1996-1997   Photo
Praktica CX 1 1982   Collection
Praktica CX 2 1982   Photo
Ritacon F 1961  
Taxona 1952   PhotoRarity indexCollection
Taxona (zeisseigentum) 1952  
Verikon 1961  
Zeiss AK 8 1958   Collection
Zeiss Spy Camera 1949  

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