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Yamato Kōki Kōgyō K.K. was a Japanese camera manufacturer. It started making cameras around 1950. Some sources link this camera manufacturer to the Dan Camera Works (Hagimoto) and Kigawa, but this is not exactly clear. The last Yamato cameras were manufactured around 1962.

Yamato cameras: Years of manufacture:
Alpina M35 1957  
Atlas 35 1959-1961   PhotoCollection
Atlas 35 (I) 1958  
Atlas 35 II 1959   PhotoCollection
Atlas Deluxe 1959  
Barclay 1958  
Bonny Six c1940  
Emitax Automatic c1961   PhotoRarity indexCollection
Emitax Emikon c1961  
Hilka c1958  
Kinka Hand 1933   Comments
Kinka Lucky 1935   Photo
Konair Ruby c1955   PhotoCollection
Lycon M3 c1957   PhotoCollection
Magnon 35 c1957   Photo
Mini Electronic 35 Automatic c1961   PhotoCollection
Minon 35 c1949  
Minon Six II c1950s   Photo
Minon Six III c1952   Photo
Pal c1955  
Pal Junior c1960s   Collection
Pal M4 c1957   PhotoCollection
Palmat Automatic c1961   PhotoRarity indexCollection
Pax (I) 1952-1955   PhotoRarity indexManualCollectionWishlist
Pax Golden View 1950s   PhotochartRarity index
Pax Junior 1960s   PhotoCollection
Pax M2 1956   PhotoCommentsManualCollection
Pax M3 1957   PhotoRarity indexCommentsCollectionWishlist
Pax M4 c1957   PhotoRarity indexCollectionWishlist
Pax Ruby c1955   PhotoRarity indexManualCollectionWishlist
Pax Sunscope 1958  
Rex 1956  
Rex Kaysons c1958  
Ricsor c1958   PhotoCollection
Rippa c1950   PhotoRarity indexCollection
Rippaflex c1950  
Simflex 35 c1962   PhotoManual
Skymaster c1957   PhotoCollection
Tac Deluxe c1958  
Weha Hand Camera 1933  
Weha Six 1938   Collection

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