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The company was founded in 1887 as a Dresden's first photography store. Starting 1896, Emil produces his own cameras. In 1909 the company was merged with several others to form ICA AG.

Wünsche cameras: Years of manufacture:
Ada 1892  
Afpi (horizontal) 1904-1909  
Afpi (square) 1902-1909   Photo
Afpi (vertical) 1902-1909   Photo
Afpi Model III 1904-1909  
Afpi Stereo (No.566) 1907-1911   Photo
Afpi Universal c1908   PhotoCollectionRarity index
Amateur-Reisekamera (Field Camera) c1890-1895  
Bosco (detective) c1889   Photo
Bosco (Model I 9x12) c1901   Photo
Bosco (Model II 9x12) c1901   Photo
Bosco 99 c1890   Photo
Bosco Reflex c1902  
Bosco Stereo c1902  
Detective Camera c1890s   Photo
Detective Camera (rollfilm) c1889   Photo
Detective Camera Stereo c1900  
Elite Stereo (round viewfinder, middle) c1900   Photo
Elite Stereo (round viewfinder) c1900   Photo
Elite Stereo (square viewfinder) c1900   Photo
Eureka c1908  
Excelsior (13x18, tailboard) c1900   Photo
Excelsior (13x18) c1900   Photo
Excelsior Atelierkamera (Studio Camera) c1900-1905  
Excelsior Stereo c1900s  
Favorit c1900-1906   PhotoCollection
Favorit (focal plane) c1900-1906  
Favorit Stereo c1900s  
Film-Jumelle c1902  
Fulgur 1902-1903  
Fulgur Box 1902-1903  
Furror Reisekamera (Field Camera) c1895-1902  
Germania c1902  
Julia 1899  
Juwel 1886-1902   PhotoComments
Juwel Reflex c1898  
Juwel-Klapp c1902   Photo
Knox c1902-1906   Photo
Kobold 1900-1902  
Kolibri 1902-1904   Photo
Kosmos c1902   Photo
Legion c1902-1908   Photo
Liliput c1902-1903  
Lilli c1902-1903   Photo
Lola c1902   Photo
Lola Stereo (folding) c1902   Photo
Lola Stereo (strut-folding) c1902   Photo
Lux 1900-1902   Photo
Mars 99 1895   Photo
Mars Detective Camera (10x15) (Spy Camera) 1893   Photo
Mars Detective Camera (12x16) (Spy Camera) 1893   Photo
Mars Detective Camera (6x9) (Spy Camera) c1892-1893   Photo
Mars Detective Camera (9x12) (Spy Camera) 1893   Photo
Mars Detective Camera (Spy Camera) c1893   Photochart
Mars Detective Camera Stereo (Spy Camera) 1895-1900   Photo
Meteor c1900  
Mignon-Stereo c1902  
Minimal c1907   PhotoCollectionRarity index
Nero c1905   Photo
Nixe c1907   Photo
Nova 1895-1902  
Nymphe c1899-1902   Photo
Nymphe (2.9x7.5cm) c1904   Photo
Nymphe (3.5x7.6cm) c1904   Photo
Nymphe Stereo c1902   Photo
Postage Stamp Camera c1907   Photo
Reicka c1906   PhotoCollection
Reicka Stereo c1907-1908   Photo
Reicka-Automat c1907   Photo
Reisekamera (Field Camera) c1900s   Photo
Sirene c1903   Photo
Sport 1902-1903   Photo
Sport Stereo c1895   Photo
Studio Camera c1900   Photo
Transvaal c1900s  
Tropica c1909  
Tuck c1900s  
Vertix c1908  
Vertrix Stereo c1908  
Victoria c1895-1900s  
Victrix c1906   Photo
Victrix Stereo c1906-1908   Photo

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