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Witt Iloca cameras: Years of manufacture:
Ilca c1948   Photo
Ilca (prototype) c1935   Photo
Iloca Auto-Electric c1959-1960   Photo
Iloca Automatic c1958   Photo
Iloca Electric c1958   Photo
Iloca I c1950   Photo
Iloca Ia c1951   PhotoCollection
Iloca II c1950   PhotoCollection
Iloca IIa c1951   PhotoCollection
Iloca Quick (1952) c1952   Photo
Iloca Quick (1953) c1953   PhotoCollection
Iloca Quick A c1953   PhotoRarity indexCollection
Iloca Quick B c1953   Photo
Iloca Quick L c1952  
Iloca Quick R c1956  
Iloca Quick S c1954  
Iloca Rapid c1952-1956   PhotoCollection
Iloca Rapid A1 c1957   Photo
Iloca Rapid B 1954   PhotoCollection
Iloca Rapid B2 c1955   Photo
Iloca Rapid I 1956   Photo
Iloca Rapid II 1959   Photo
Iloca Rapid III 1956   Photo
Iloca Rapid IIL 1956   Photo
Iloca Rapid IIR 1959   Photo
Iloca Rapid IL 1956   Photo
Iloca Stereo 1950-1952   PhotoCollection
Iloca Stereo II 1951   PhotochartManualCollection
Iloca Stereo IIa 1954   PhotoCollection
Iloca Stereo Rapid 1956   Photo
Iloca Stereo Rapid Stereograms c1957   Photo
Photrix 1957  
Photrix Automatic 1959  
Photrix B c1955   Photo
Photrix B Richard c1955  
Photrix Quick B 1954   PhotoCollection
Photrix Rapid B2 1954  
Photrix Stereo 1951   Photo
Reporter c1954-1958  
Tower Stereo c1955-1960   Photo

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