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Vredeborch GmbH was founded in 1945, in Nordenham, Germany. It manufactured mostly box-type cameras under its own name as well as for other distributors. The company stopped camera production in 1970s.

Vredeborch cameras: Years of manufacture:
Adina 1953   Photo
Alfa c1950s   PhotoCollection
Alfor Box 1953   PhotoCollection
Alfor Synchro c1950-1953   Photo
Alka Box 1953   PhotoCollectionComments
Baby Aleata 1955   Photo
Baby Finazzi 1953   Photo
Bungalow 1953   Photo
Bunny 1960s  
Ecla Box c1950   Photo
Edi-Box Synchron c1960   Photo
Eldorado Box c1950s   Photo
Eldorado Box (green) c1950s   Photo
Eros c1955   PhotoCollectionComments
Evans Box c1950s   Photo
Evede c1950s   Photo
Felica c1957   PhotoCollection
Felica Duo c1958   Photo
Felicetta (black) 1972   PhotoCollection
Felicetta (chrome) 1965   Collection
Felicetta (gray) 1970s  
Felicetta BL35 (black) 1972   Collection
Felicetta BL35 (chrome) 1965   PhotoCollectionRarity index
Felicetta L 1963   Photo
Felicetta L (black) 1972  
Felicette 1963   PhotoCollection
Felicette L 1963  
Felinette 1959  
Felita c1955-1957   Photo
Fenix Box 1955   Photo
Filmor 1955   PhotoCollectionComments
Fotolux 68 1969  
G-M Box 1953  
Haaga Syncrona 1955   Photo
Hanseatic Super c1961  
Ideal c1950s  
Joy Box 1953   Photo
Junior 1954  
Junior 35 c1970s  
Junior Super 1965  
Kera Junior 1961  
Kera Super 1961   Photo
Klimax 1950s   PhotoCollection
Kruxo Favorit c1950s   Photo
Kuoman c1950s  
Loben Box 1953  
Lopica Box 1953  
Lux Box c1950s   Photo
Manex c1950s   Photo
Monty c1950s   Photo
N-Box c1955   PhotoCollection
Necka-Junior 1961   Photo
Nordetta 3D 1951   PhotoCollectionRarity index
Nordina 1952-1953   Photo
Nordina 28 C 1966   PhotoCollection
Nordina I 1953   Photo
Nordina II 1953  
Nordina III 1953  
Nordina Super 1953  
Optibox Synchro c1950-1953   Photo
Optomax Syncrona 1959   Photo
Pallux Box (black) c1950s   PhotoCollectionRarity index
Pallux Box (red) c1950s   Photo
Panorama 35 c1965  
Panorama LR 35 c1965  
Photopia Popular 120 Box 1952   Photo
Regia Box 1955   Photo
Reporter c1950s   Photo
Reporter Junior c1950s  
Reporter Junior II c1950s   PhotoCollection
Reporter Syncrona 1959   Photo
Slomexa 1950s   PhotoCollection
Stafetta 1950s   Photo
Stafetta Duo 1950s   PhotoCollection
Standard-Union 1949  
Super c1960s   Photo
Texar 1950s  
Trumpf Box c1955   Photo
Union Box 1950s   Photo
Vrede-Box 1950s   PhotoCollectionRarity index
Vrede-Box Paloma Menis (black) c1950s   PhotoCollectionComments
Vrede-Box Paloma Menis (green) c1950s   PhotoCollection
Vrede-Box Paloma Menis (red) c1950s   Photo
Vrede-Box Standard Menis (1949) c1949   Photo
Vrede-Box Standard Menis (1949) (green) c1949   Photo
Vrede-Box Standard Menis (1949) (red) c1949   Photo
Vrede-Box Standard Menis (1950) c1950s   PhotoCollection
Vrede-Box Standard Menis (1950) (green) c1950s   Photo
Vrede-Box Standard Menis (1950) (red) c1950s  
Vrede-Box Standard Menis 49 1949   Photo
Vrede-Box Standard Menis 49 (green) 1949   Photo
Vrede-Box Standard Menis 49 (red) 1949   Photo
Vrede-Box Syncrona c1950-1953   PhotoCollection

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