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The Vivitar company was originally founded in Hollywood in 1938 under the name Ponder & Best, Inc, but as a distributor, the company never manufactured cameras of its own. The name was officially changed to Vivitar in 1979, after the brand name had become prominent and successful. In 2006, this company was bought by Syntax-Brillian Corp.

Vivitar cameras: Years of manufacture:
1.3 MegaPixel 2001   Digital
Aquapix c1980s   PhotoCollection
Crayola Sport (CR 450) 1990   PhotoCollection
CV35 c1980s   PhotoCommentsCollection
Freelance (V69379) c2011   PhotoDigitalCollection
Freelance V15 2002   PhotoDigitalCollection
Point n Shoot c1980s   PhotoCommentsCollection
Point n Shoot 110-F c1980s   Photo
Spree Plus c1994   PhotoCollection
Sweet shot c1986  
Vista Tele Motor 1993   PhotoCollection
Vivicam 25 c2003   PhotoDigitalCommentsCollection
Vivicam 3000 (Sound Vision Mini-209 / UMAX MDX-8000) 1997   PhotoDigitalCommentsCollection
Vivicam 3100 (Sound Vision Mini-2) 1997   PhotoDigital
Vivicam 3315 2002   PhotoDigitalCollection
Vivicam 3665 c2002   PhotoDigitalCollection
Vivicam 3695 2003   Digital
Vivicam 3915 2004   Digital
Vivicam 4000 2004   PhotoDigital
Vivicam 4100 2005   Digital
Vivicam 5019 2009-2012   PhotoDigitalCollection
Vivicam 5022 2009-2012   PhotoDigitalCollection
Vivicam 5386 2006   PhotoDigital
Vivicam 55 2005   PhotoDigital
Vivicam 5B 2003   PhotoDigital
Vivicam 6324 2007   PhotoDigital
Vivicam 8018 2009   PhotoDigitalCollection
Vivicam F126 2015   PhotoDigitalCommentsCollection
Vivicam X014 2010   PhotoDigitalCollection
Vivitar (Focus Free) 1993   PhotoCollection
Vivitar 110 EF Tele c1970s   PhotoCollection
Vivitar 160Z c1989   PhotoCollection
Vivitar 2001 Z 1989   PhotoCollection
Vivitar 220 SL c1976   PhotoManualCollection
Vivitar 250 SL c1976   PhotoCommentsManualCollection
Vivitar 300 Z 1987   PhotoCollection
Vivitar 320 Z c1989   Photo
Vivitar 35 CA 1976   PhotoCollection
Vivitar 35 EE c1978   PhotoRarity indexCommentsCollection
Vivitar 35 EF c1978   Photo
Vivitar 35 EM c1979   PhotoCollection
Vivitar 35 ES c1978   PhotoRarity indexCommentsCollection
Vivitar 357PZ c1996   PhotoCollection
Vivitar 370 Z c1989  
Vivitar 400 SL c1975   PhotoRarity indexManualCollection
Vivitar 420 SL 1975  
Vivitar 420 SLD 1975  
Vivitar 435 PZ c1992   Photo
Vivitar 450 SLD 1975   Photo
Vivitar 450PZ c1995   PhotoCollection
Vivitar 490 Z c1990   Rarity index
Vivitar 530PZ 1997   PhotoCollection
Vivitar 550PZ c2001   PhotoCollection
Vivitar 600 1977   PhotoCollection
Vivitar 604 1977   PhotoCollection
Vivitar 650 SLX c1976  
Vivitar 810 c1970s   PhotoCommentsCollection
Vivitar AF300 c1994  
Vivitar AF400 c1994  
Vivitar Big View BV35 1995   PhotoCollection
Vivitar Big View BV35DB 1995   PhotoCollection
Vivitar Big View EZ c1996  
Vivitar Big View EZ 1 c1996  
Vivitar Big View EZ 3AF c1996  
Vivitar BV65 1996   PhotoCollection
Vivitar ECO35H 1990   PhotoCollection
Vivitar EF 35 c1980s   Photo
Vivitar EZ35 c1980s   PhotoRarity indexCollection
Vivitar EZ35 (transparent) c1980s   Photo
Vivitar HC 200 1991   PhotoCollection
Vivitar IC 100 1992   PhotoCollection
Vivitar IC 101 1992   PhotoRarity indexCommentsCollection
Vivitar L.A. Brites 1985   PhotoCollection
Vivitar LC 600 1995   PhotoCollection
Vivitar LC 650 1995   PhotoCollection
Vivitar LF 1985   PhotoCollection
Vivitar LF tele 1985   PhotoCollection
Vivitar PN2011 c1994   PhotoCommentsCollection
Vivitar Pocket 402 c1974  
Vivitar Pocket 600 c1976   PhotoCollection
Vivitar Pocket 602 c1974   Photo
Vivitar Pocket 603 Tele c1977   Collection
Vivitar Pocket 604 c1975  
Vivitar Pocket 700 c1970   PhotoCollection
Vivitar Pocket 702 c1979   Collection
Vivitar Pocket 703 Tele c1979  
Vivitar Pocket 742 XL c1979   Collection
Vivitar Pocket 815 c1980   Collection
Vivitar Pocket 830 AW c1980   PhotoCollection
Vivitar Pocket 835 AW c1980s   PhotoCollection
Vivitar Pocket 835 AW Tele c1980s   PhotoRarity indexCollection
Vivitar PS 10 c1987   PhotoCollection
Vivitar PS 120 c1987   CommentsCollection
Vivitar PS 135 c1987   PhotoCollection
Vivitar PS 15 c1990s   PhotoCollection
Vivitar PS 20 c1986   PhotoCollectionWishlist
Vivitar PS 30 c1986  
Vivitar PS 33 S c1990  
Vivitar PS 330 c1992   PhotoCollection
Vivitar PS 35 c1986   PhotoCommentsCollection
Vivitar PS 420 c1995   PhotoCollection
Vivitar PS 44 c1989   PhotoRarity indexCommentsCollection
Vivitar PS 44 S c1990   PhotoCollection
Vivitar PS 45 c1987   PhotoCollection
Vivitar PS 7 c1980s   Photo
Vivitar PS 77 c1989  
Vivitar PS 88 c1990s  
Vivitar PZ3105 c1997   PhotoCollection
Vivitar R 600 c1989   Photo
Vivitar Series 1 440 PPZ c1990s   Comments
Vivitar SP35 c1994   PhotoCollection
Vivitar T101 c1998   PhotoCollection
Vivitar TEC 35 c1983   Collection
Vivitar TEC 35 Autofocus 1983   PhotoCommentsCollection
Vivitar TEC 45 c1986  
Vivitar Tele 815 c1980   PhotoCollection
Vivitar TL 125 c1987  
Vivitar Trek 50 c1986   Photo
Vivitar TW 35 c1986   PhotoCollection
Vivitar Ultra Wide Slim c1990s   PhotoCollection
Vivitar V2000 c1992   PhotoManualCollectionWishlist
Vivitar V3000S c1994   PhotoManual
Vivitar V3300SE c1997   Manual
Vivitar V335 c1988  
Vivitar V4000 c1992   Manual
Vivitar V4000S c1997   PhotoCollection
Vivitar V50 c1994   Photo
Vivitar V535 AF c1987  
Vivitar V6000 c1990   ManualCollection
Vivitar V635 AF c1987   PhotoRarity indexCollection
Vivitar VP2000 c1990s  
Vivitar WP35 2000   PhotoCollection
Vivitar XAS 35 c1980s   Photo
Vivitar XB200 c1996   Photo
Vivitar XB200 IX c1996  
Vivitar XC-2 c1977   Photo
Vivitar XC-3 c1978   ManualCollection
Vivitar XM 230 c1996  
Vivitar XM 230 IX c1996  
Vivitar XM 300 c1996   Photo
Vivitar XV-1 c1978   PhotoRarity indexCollection
Vivitar XV-2 c1978   Photo
Vivitar XV-3 c1979   Manual
Vivitar XV-5 c1982   PhotoManualCollection
Vivitar ZM50 1992   PhotoCollection
Vivitar ZX 360 c1996  
Vivitar ZX 360 IX c1996  

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