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Utility Manufacturing Company was founded in New York approximately in 1934. It was sold to Spartus Corp. (Chicago) in 1940. This company produced its own cameras, as well as cameras for other manufacturers like Rolls Camera Mfg. Co..

Utility MFG cameras: Years of manufacture:
Carlton 1948   PhotoCollection
Carlton-Reflex 1955  
Deluxe 16 1932  
Deluxe Century of Progress 1933  
Falcon Abbey 1940  
Falcon Girl Scout 1935  
Falcon Junior c1940   PhotoCollection
Falcon Junior 16 c1934   Collection
Falcon Magni-Vue 1940   PhotoCollectionManual
Falcon Midget c1939  
Falcon Midget 16 1933   Photo
Falcon Minette 1935   PhotoCollection
Falcon Miniature 1938   PhotoCollectionManual
Falcon Minicam Junior 1941   PhotoCollection
Falcon Minicam Senior 1939   Photo
Falcon Model 1 c1930s   Collection
Falcon Model 2 Automatic c1939   PhotoCollectionRarity index
Falcon Model 4 1939-1942   PhotoCollectionRarity index
Falcon Model F 1938   PhotoCollectionManualRarity index
Falcon Model FE 1938   PhotoCollection
Falcon Model G c1940   Photo
Falcon Model GE c1940  
Falcon Model V16 1935-1940   PhotoCollection
Falcon Press-Flash 1939-1941   Comments
Falcon Special 1939  
Falcon-Flex (3x4) 1940   PhotoCollection
Falcon-Flex (6x6) 1939   PhotoCollection

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