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Universal Camera Corporation was founded in 1933 in New York, USA. It manufactured cameras, film rolls, movie cameras, binoculars, etc. until 1952, when the company declared bankruptcy.

Universal Camera cameras: Years of manufacture:
Aristocrat c1935   Rarity index
Buccaneer 1945   PhotoCollectionManual
Cine (35mm) c1920   PhotoCollectionRarity index
Corsair I 1938   PhotoCollectionManual
Corsair II 1939  
Duovex 1934   PhotoCollection
Hollywood c1936-1940   Collection
Mercury II (Mod CX) c1945   PhotoCollectionManualRarity index
Mercury Model CC (Univex) 1938-1942   PhotoCollectionManualRarity index
Mercury Model CC 1500 (Univex) 1939-1940   PhotoCollection
Meteor 1949   PhotoCollectionCommentsManualRarity index
Minute 16 1949   PhotoCollectionRarity index
Minute 16 (outfit) 1949   PhotoCollectionRarity index
Norton Univex 1935   PhotoCollection
Roamer 63 1948  
Roamer I 1948   PhotoCollectionManual
Roamer II 1948   PhotoCollectionManual
Stere-All 1954   PhotoCollectionManualRarity index
Troopers Club Convention 1936 c1936  
Twinflex 1939   PhotoCollectionRarity index
Uniflash c1940s   PhotoCollection
Uniflex I 1948   PhotoCollection
Uniflex II 1948   PhotoCollectionManual
Univex A 1933   PhotoCollectionManualRarity index
Univex A Century of Progress 1933  
Univex A8 c1939   PhotoCollection
Univex B8 c1939   Photo
Univex C8 c1940   PhotoCollection
Univex D8 c1940  
Univex E8 c1940  
Univex F8 c1940  
Univex G8 c1946  
Univex H8 c1952  
Univex Iris 1938   PhotoCollectionManualRarity index
Univex Iris Deluxe 1938   PhotoCollection
Univex Model AF c1935   PhotoCollectionCommentsManualRarity index
Univex Model AF Girl Scout c1935-1938  
Univex Model AF2 1936   PhotoCollection
Univex Model AF3 c1936   Collection
Univex Model AF4 c1938   PhotoCollectionRarity index
Univex Model AF5 c1938   PhotoCollection
Vitar 1951  
Zenith 1939   CollectionRarity index

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