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The Tougodo company (東郷堂) was founded in 1930, in Japan, and functioned fully until 1945, when the main factory was destroyed in the February 1944 air strikes. Two of the company’s other manufacturing sites survived, and began to produce cameras at a later date. The first, Toyohashi, began production in 1947 and its offerings included Hit, Hobix, Hobiflex and Toyoca cameras. Yamanashi, the other site, produced Mekai, Muse, and Semi Rabbit cameras from the later 1940s onward. Toyohashi ceased its camera manufacturing in 1960, while Yamanashi evolved first into the Meikōsha company, and then into Meikai Sangyō, and produced a number of cameras, including Meisupii and Meikai EL. Until the 1980s traces of this company could still be found.

Tougodo cameras: Years of manufacture:
Alome c1950s  
Amerex c1950s  
Arrow c1950s   PhotoRarity indexCollection
Astrophic c1950s   Collection
Baby Flex c1950s  
Baby Lux c1950s   Collection
Baby Max c1951   PhotoCollection
Barlux c1950s  
Beica c1950s   PhotoCollection
Boldaflex 1948  
Buena 35 S c1957  
C.M.C. c1950s   PhotoRarity indexCollection
Click c1951   PhotoCollection
Colly c1951   PhotoCollection
Diplomat c1951   Collection
Emson c1950s   PhotoRarity indexCollection
Global c1950s   PhotoCollection
Haco 35 1959  
Haco 44 1959   PhotoRarity index
Happy Hit c1950s   Collection
Hilkaflex c1950   PhotoCollection
Hit (chrome) c1950s   PhotoCollection
Hit (gold) c1950s   PhotoCollection
Hit (Made in Japan) c1950s   PhotoRarity indexCollection
Hit-Go c1930  
Hobiflex III c1952   PhotoCollection
Hobiflex IV c1952  
Hobix (1951) 1951  
Hobix (1955) 1951   Photo
Hobix B 1952-1953  
Hobix D I 1952   Photo
Hobix D II 1952   Photo
Hobix Junior 1955   Comments
Hobix S II 1954  
Hobix S III 1954   PhotoRarity indexCollection
Hobix-A 1956  
Hobix-A (art deco) 1956  
Homer c1950s   PhotoCollection
Hulda 35 c1950-1955   Photo
I.G.B. c1950s   PhotoCollection
Kino 44 1959   Photo
Kino 44 Deluxe 1959   PhotoRarity index
Kinoflex 1960   PhotoRarity index
Kute 1955  
Laqon 44 1959   Rarity index
Mei Half 1959   Collection
Mei Half EL 1963   Collection
Meica 35 c1960-1963   Rarity index
Meikai 4 Shooter c1990s   PhotoCollection
Meikai EL c1963-1964   PhotoRarity indexCommentsCollection
Meikai EL 204 c1963   PhotoCollection
Meikai EL 304 c1964  
Meikai ELX c1965   PhotoCollection
Meikai GT c1965   Photo
Meikai HC 35 c1960s  
Meikai No.1 1939   PhotoRarity index
Meikai No.2 1940   PhotoRarity indexCollection
Meikai Special 1939   PhotoRarity index
Meikai Special B 1939   PhotoRarity index
Meikai ST 1963   Photo
Meikai-Ref c1939-1940   Photo
Meikaiflex 1948  
Meiko A c1935  
Meiko C c1935   Photo
Meiko F c1935  
Meiritto (1938) c1938  
Meiritto (1940) c1940   Comments
Meiritto (folding) c1935  
Meiritto No.3 c1940  
Meiritto Special c1940  
Meispee B 1938  
Meisupi (1939) 1939  
Meisupi (1940) 1940  
Meisupi A 1936  
Meisupi B 1937  
Meisupi I 1937  
Meisupi II 1937   PhotoRarity index
Meisupi III 1937   Photo
Meisupi IV 1937   Photo
Meisupi Meisuecho 1959  
Meisupii 1952   Photo
Meisupii Echo 1959  
Meisupii Half 1959   PhotoCollection
Meisupii Ia c1950-1955   Collection
Meisupii IB Deluxe 1956  
Meisupii IID 1955  
Meisupii IID (bright finder) 1956  
Meisupii J 1951   Rarity indexComments
Meisupii S3 1956  
Meisupii Seven 1957  
Meisupii Sun 1958  
Metascoflex 1955  
Metraflex 1955  
Mikasa-go 1930  
Minetta c1950s   PhotoRarity indexCollection
Mini Camera c1950s   PhotoRarity indexCollection
Mirroflex 1957  
Moonflex 1957  
Museflex Model IIa c1949-1951  
Museflex Model J c1949  
Museflex Model M c1949   Comments
Museflex Model M (II) c1950   PhotoRarity index
Nice c1950s  
P.A.C. c1955   Collection
Regent c1950s   PhotoCollection
Satellite c1950s   PhotoCollection
Semi Hobix 1955  
Semi Hobix SH II 1955  
Shalco c1950s   PhotoCollection
Shinkoh Rabbit I 1952  
Shinkoh Rabbit II 1952  
Skyflex 1955   PhotoManualCollection
Skyflex II 1955  
Speedex c1950s-1960s   PhotoCollection
Stereo Hit 1955   PhotochartRarity indexCollection
Stereo-Leader 1955   Photo
Sterling c1950s   Collection
Strato 1957  
Sweet 16 A 1955   Rarity indexComments
Tougo 1930  
Tougo-do Hand Camera c1935  
Toyoca c1950s   PhotoCollection
Toyoca 16 c1955   PhotoCollection
Toyoca 35 1957  
Toyoca 35 (TLR) 1955   Photo
Toyoca 35 S 1957  
Toyoca 44 1965   PhotoRarity index
Toyoca Ace 1965   Photo
Toyoca B 35 c1955  
Toyoca Six 1956  
Toyocaflex (I) 1954   PhotoCollection
Toyocaflex (IB) 1955   PhotoCollection
Toyocaflex 35 1955   PhotoCollection
Toyocaflex TL1 1954  
Traveller c1950s   Collection
Trio (flex) c1955   Photo
Trioflex 1955  
U.P. c1950s  
Walklenz c1950s   PhotoCollection
Yuuhi go c1930  

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