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Tōkyō Kōgaku Kikai K.K. (Tokyo Optical Company) was founded in 1932 as a merge of two non-photography companies. The first camera (Lord) was manufactured in 1937. Later, the brand Topcon was introduced and became a major camera line. In the USA, Tōkyō Kōgaku cameras were sold under the Topcon Beseler name, a reflection of the name of the distributor, the Charles Beseler Co. In 1981 camera production was ceased.

Tokyo Kogaku cameras: Years of manufacture:
Beseler Auto 100 Topcon 1964-1973   PhotoCommentsManualCollection
Beseler Topcon B 1959-1961   PhotoRarity indexCollection
Beseler Topcon C 1960-1963   Collection
Beseler Topcon D-1 1965-1971   ManualCollection
Beseler Topcon Super D 1963-1970   PhotoManualCollection
Beseler Topconette 1962   Photo
Cordoflex c1950   Photo
Laurelflex c1951   PhotoCollection
Laurelflex II c1952  
Lord 1937  
Machine Gun Model 17 1939   Photo
Minion (I) c1938-1940  
Minion 35 (A) 1948   Photo
Minion 35 (B) 1948   Photo
Minion 35 (C) 1948   PhotoCollection
Minion II c1940-1946   Photo
Minion III c1946  
Primo Junior c1958   PhotoRarity indexCommentsManualCollection
Primoflex c1950  
Primoflex Automat c1956  
Primoflex Automat L c1957  
Primoflex I c1950  
Primoflex IA c1950   Photo
Primoflex IB c1952  
Primoflex II c1952  
Primoflex IIIA c1953  
Primoflex IV c1954  
Primoflex IV A c1953   Photo
Primoflex V A c1955  
Sawyers Mark IV c1958   Collection
Topcoflex c1951  
Topcoflex (gear focus) c1953  
Topcoflex Automat c1956  
Topcoflex IA c1950  
Topcoflex IIIA c1953  
Topcon 35-JL 1957  
Topcon 35-L 1957  
Topcon 35-S 1956   Photo
Topcon 35A 1953   Photo
Topcon 35B 1955  
Topcon AM-FL c1976   Photo
Topcon Automatic (R 3) 1960   PhotoCollection
Topcon FP-M c1972   Photo
Topcon IC 1 1973-1978   PhotoManualCollection
Topcon M-FL c1950s   Photo
Topcon MT 2 c1960s   Photo
Topcon PR 1958   Photo
Topcon PR II 1960   PhotoRarity indexCollection
Topcon R 1957-1961   PhotoRarity indexManual
Topcon R II 1960-1963  
Topcon RE 200 1977   PhotoManualCollection
Topcon RE 300 1978   Manual
Topcon RE Auto 1964-1973   Manual
Topcon RE Super 1963-1974   PhotochartRarity indexManualCollection
Topcon RE-2 1965-1971   PhotoRarity indexManualCollection
Topcon RM 300 1979   PhotoCollection
Topcon RS 1962  
Topcon Super D 1971-1974   Photo
Topcon Super DM 1973-1978   PhotoManualCollection
Topcon Uni 1964-1973   PhotoRarity indexManualCollection
Topcon Unirex 1969-1973   PhotoRarity indexManualCollection
Topcon Unirex EE 1972-1974   PhotoManualCollection
Topcon Wink Mirror 1960s  
Topcon Wink Mirror E 1962   Manual
Topcon Wink Mirror S 1963   PhotoManualCollection

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