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Thornton-Pickard was established in 1888 in Manchester. After the death of one of the owners, and the resignation of another, the company ceased to exist in 1939.

Thornton Pickard cameras: Years of manufacture:
Aerial Camera Type C 1915   Photo
All Weather Press Camera 1922-1935   Photo
Amber (half plate) c1899-1905   Photo
Amber (quarter plate) c1899-1905   Photo
Automan c1904   Photo
College 1912-1926   Photo
Crown (stereo) 1905-1907   Photo
Duplex Ruby Reflex 1920-1930   Photo
Duplex Ruby Reflex 'Overseas' (Tropical) 1920-1930   Photo
Filma (box) c1912  
Filma (folding) c1914   Photo
Filmak (folding) 1923   Photo
Folding c1910   Photo
Folding (focal plane shutter) c1900s  
Folding Ruby c1920s  
Horizontal Reflex 1923   Photo
Imperial (two shutters) c1909   Photo
Imperial Double Extension c1902-1908   PhotoComments
Imperial Perfecta c1909   PhotoCollectionRarity index
Imperial Pocket c1916-1920s   Photo
Imperial Portrait c1930s   PhotoCollection
Imperial Rollfilm c1924-1925   Photo
Imperial Stereo c1910   Photo
Imperial Triple Extension c1904-1926   PhotoCollectionchart
Junior Special Ruby Reflex 1926-1935   PhotoCollectionManualRarity index
Klippa c1915-1922   Photo
Limit 1912  
Little Puck c1897  
Mark III Hythe Camera (MK III H) (Aerial) c1915   PhotoCollectionchartCommentsRarity index
Minim c1920  
New Folding Ruby c1908   Photo
Patent Tourist 1888-1891   Photo
Portrait Puck c1930s   Photo
Praetor 1909-1911   Photo
Puck c1909-1928   PhotoCollectionComments
Puck Special c1910  
Royal Favourite 1909   Photo
Royal Ruby 1904-1930   Photochart
Royal Ruby Triple Stereo c1900  
Ruby c1899-1908   PhotoCollectionComments
Ruby (rollfilm) 1925-1934   Photo
Ruby Bijou c1912-1920   Photo
Ruby de Luxe Reflex c1912-1930s   Photo
Ruby Focal c1930s  
Ruby Reflex c1911-1930s  
Ruby Speed Camera c1925   PhotoCommentsRarity index
Ruby Stereo c1900s   Photo
Rubyette No.1 c1934   Photo
Rubyette No.2 c1934   PhotoComments
Rubyette No.3 c1934  
Snappa c1913   Photo
Special Ruby c1905   PhotoRarity index
Special Ruby Reflex 1922-1938   PhotoCollectionManual
Stereo-Puck 1932   PhotoCollectionRarity index
Tailboard (12x16) c1900   Photo
Tribune 1911   Photo
Victory Reflex c1922-1925   Photo
Weenie c1911   Photo

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