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The company was founded by James Fludger Shew in London in 1849. During the course of history it changed its name to James J Shew, J F Shew, and starting 1879 to Shew & Co. In 1915 it was purchased by A.E.Staley & Co, and was renamed again to Staley, Shew & Co. There is a possibility of a spin-off retail company J.J.Shew in c1875, listed at the same addresses the Shew & Co was occupying before or after the spin-off.

Shew & Co. cameras: Years of manufacture:
Day Xit 1910  
Detective Camera c1900  
Eclipse 1890s   Photochart
Eclipse (baby) c1885   Photo
Eclipse Focal Plane 1890s   Photo
Euxit 1910-1911   Photo
Featherweight c1899   Photo
Field Camera c1900s   Photo
Field Camera (Universal) c1895   PhotoCollection
Field Camera Stereo c1900s  
Guinea Xit 1906   Photo
Hand (Universal) Camera c1891   Photo
Patent Eclipse 1891   Photo
Press Reflector 1910-1914   Photo
Reflector Reflex 1900-1914   Photo
Shewgraphe Patent 1889  
Sliding Box Wet-Plate 1858   Photo
Tailboard (early) c1900   Photo
Tailboard Camera c1900-1905   Photo
Tailboard Camera Stereo c1900-1905  
Xit 1900   Photo
Xit (Aluminum) 1910   PhotoCollectionchartCommentsRarity index
Xit (spy case) c1900s   Photo
Xit Stereo c1900s   Photo

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