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Schaap & Co. was founded in 1897 using the technology and equipment leftovers of Lomans & Co. F.W. Schaap and Willem Brandsma continued manufacturing reflex cameras as well as new models. In 1906 Schaap left the company. In 1918, after the WWI, Brandsma also left the company, and his son became the owner, and renamed the company to W.H.Brandsma Fa Schaap & Co.. The company ceased to exist in 1965.

Schaap cameras: Years of manufacture:
Brandsma (Detective) c1907   Photo
Hollandse Reflex c1897-1907   Photo
Senco Reflex c1905-1911   PhotoRarity indexCollection
Stereo (Folding) c1906   Photo
Stereo (Van Albada) c1900-1902  
Stereo Reflex (Folding) c1915  
Tropen Reflex c1897-1907  

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