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Rodenstock was founded by two brothers, Josef and Michael Rodenstock, in Germany, in 1877. This company is mostly known for its excellent lenses, but it did manufacture cameras as well. The camera manufacturing process was shut down in 1930s, and Rodenstock started to sell cameras made by other companies like Welta, fitted with their own lenses.
In 2000, the technical optics division of Rodenstock was sold to Linos AG, and it continues to manufacture lenses for cameras like Alpa by Pignons.

Rodenstock cameras: Years of manufacture:
Adina 1932  
Astra 1920  
Autoklapp 1908  
Bafo 1931  
Citoklapp 1931-1938   Collection
Citonette 1933-1938   PhotoRarity index
Clarovid 1932-1934   Photo
Clarovid II 1934   Photo
Daro III 1931-1932   PhotoCollection
Gero c1935   PhotoCollection
Illma 1926  
Imagon Specialcamera c1920s-1930  
Imagon Specialcamera I c1930s  
Imagon Specialcamera II c1930s  
Lumofort c1932  
Mirara c1908  
Moltar c1908  
Moltar Stereo c1908  
Nahbildkamera (close focus) 1925  
Nahbildkamera Stereo (close focus) 1925  
Planitta c1932-1937  
Planitta II c1932-1937  
Prinzess 1925  
Prontoklapp c1932-1939   PhotoCollection
Robra c1934-1940   Collection
Rodar 1929   Rarity indexCollection
Rodar II 1929  
Rodella 1931  
Rodenstock Box c1937  
Rodinett 1932   Photo
Rofina I 1932  
Rofina II 1932  
Rulex c1930  
Supreme c1930s   Photo
Twin-Lens Folding c1933   Photo
Wedar I 1929   Photo
Wedar II 1929  
Wedar V 1929  
Weral 1937  
Werol 1937-1939   Photo
Ysella 1932   Photo
Ysette 1934-1938   PhotoCommentsCollection

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