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Optische Anstalt A. Hch. Rietzschel company was founded in 1896, in Schwabing (Munich, Germany). The first camera (Clack) was manufactured in 1900. In 1921 Rietzschel was acquired by Bayer, and later, in 1925 it became a part of AGFA (IG Farben). In 1927 the Rietzschel brand name was dropped and most of the cameras were called AGFA.

Rietzschel cameras: Years of manufacture:
Auto Clack c1908-1915   Photo
Clack I (1895) 1895-1899  
Clack I (1900) c1900-1905   Photo
Clack I (1905, metal) c1905   Photo
Clack I (1905, wooden) c1905   Photo
Clack Luxus c1905  
Condor Luxus c1924-1925   Photo
Film Tip 1912  
Heli Clack (horizontal) 1909-1924   Photo
Heli Clack (vertical) 1909-1924  
Heli Tip I c1910-1924  
Heli Tip II c1910-1924   Photo
Heli Tip III c1910-1925  
Kosmo Clack 1914-1924   PhotoCollectionchart
Kosmo Clack (rollfilm back) 1914-1924   Photo
Ladies Camera c1900s  
Linear A c1900  
Linear B c1900  
Linear C c1900   Photo
Magazinkamera 1896   Photo
Marine Clack 1910-1912  
Miniatur Clack I c1911-1924   Photo
Miniatur Clack II c1911-1924   PhotoCollectionRarity index
Miniatur Clack Luxus c1924   PhotoCollectionRarity index
Minimum Clack c1923  
Multi-Clack 1914-1920s  
Multi-Clack Stereo 1916  
Ninon c1925  
Ninon Tropical c1925   Photo
Opal 1925-1926  
Platten Clack 1903  
Platten Tip I c1906-1920  
Platten Tip II c1906-1922  
Reform Clack c1905-1926   PhotoCollection
Reform Minimum Clack 1905-1909   Photo
Reform Tip 1924  
Roll Tip c1908-1925  
Roll Tip (stereo) 1920  
Rouleau Clack 1905  
Spezial Clack 1924  
Spezial Tip 1913-1924  
Stereo Platten Tip c1907  
Stereo-Film Tip 1906-1908  
Stereo-Panorama Clack 1908  
Stereo-Platten Clack (1903) 1903  
Stereo-Platten Clack (1908) c1908   Photo
Stereoscop Clack (rollfilm, 1896) 1896  
Stereoscop Clack (rollfilm, 1900) 1900   Photo
Stereoscop Clack (rollfilm, 1905) 1905   Photo
Stereoscop Platten Clack 1898  
Taschen Clack (1902) c1902-1912  
Taschen Clack (1920) c1920-1926  
Universal Heli Clack I c1910  
Universal Heli Clack II c1910  
Universal Heli Clack III c1910   Photo

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