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The Pignons S.A. company was established in 1918, and produced cameras between 1933 and 1990. Most of 'Pignons' cameras were designed by Jacques Bogopolsky (Bolsky) and were hand-made, and relatively expensive – as they still are. In 1996, following bankruptcy proceedings, 'Pignons SA' became 'ALPA of Switzerland' and re- established their manufacturing process.

Pignons cameras: Years of manufacture:
Alpa 10d 1968-1974   PhotochartRarity indexManualCollectionWishlist
Alpa 10d (green, black) 1969-1971   Photo
Alpa 10d (red, chrome) 1976   Photo
Alpa 10d (red) 1976   Photo
Alpa 10d Gold 1968-1974   PhotoCollection
Alpa 10d Half-Frame (halbformat) 1968-1974   Photo
Alpa 10f 1969   Photo
Alpa 10f (black) 1975   Photo
Alpa 10f (w/Alpado) 1969   Photo
Alpa 10s 1972-1975   PhotoRarity index
Alpa 10s (black/grey) 1975   PhotoRarity index
Alpa 10s Grey 1971-1975   Photo
Alpa 10s Half-Frame (halbformat) 1972-1975   PhotoRarity index
Alpa 11a 1973-1985   PhotoCollectionWishlist
Alpa 11e (black) 1971-1975   PhotoManualCollection
Alpa 11e (chrome) 1971-1975   Photo
Alpa 11el 1972-1976   PhotochartRarity indexManualCollection
Alpa 11el gold 1972-1976   Photo
Alpa 11el Half-Frame (halbformat) 1971-1975   PhotoCollection
Alpa 11es 1973-1975   PhotoWishlist
Alpa 11f 1973-1989  
Alpa 11fs 1977  
Alpa 11m 1977-1982   PhotoWishlist
Alpa 11mE Mercure 1977   PhotoWishlist
Alpa 11p c1974  
Alpa 11r c1975   PhotoWishlist
Alpa 11s c1976  
Alpa 11si 1976-1989   PhotochartCommentsCollectionfor_sale
Alpa 11si 'Swiss Army' 1976-1989   PhotoWishlist
Alpa 11si gold 1976-1989   PhotochartCollection
Alpa 11si gold (crocodile) c1979   Photo
Alpa 11si PIN black 1976-1989   Photo
Alpa 11si red leather 1976-1989   Photo
Alpa 11z c1978  
Alpa 12 SWA 1998   PhotoWishlist
Alpa 12 WA 1998  
Alpa 4 1952-1960   Photo
Alpa 4a 1952-1960   Photo
Alpa 4b 1965   PhotoComments
Alpa 5 1952-1960   PhotochartManualCollection
Alpa 5a 1955-1956   Photo
Alpa 5b 1959-1965   Photo
Alpa 6 1956-1959   PhotochartRarity indexCommentsCollection
Alpa 6b 1959-1965   PhotochartManual
Alpa 6b (black) 1959-1965   Photo
Alpa 6c 1960-1969   PhotochartRarity indexManualCollection
Alpa 6c (black, rifle) 1960-1969   Photo
Alpa 6c (black) 1960-1969   PhotoCollection
Alpa 7 1952-1959   PhotochartRarity indexManualCollection
Alpa 7 (display) 1952-1959   Photo
Alpa 7b 1959-1965   PhotoManual
Alpa 7s 1957-1959   Photo
Alpa 8 1957-1959   PhotoCollection
Alpa 81 surgical 1972   Photo
Alpa 8b 1959-1965   PhotoWishlist
Alpa 8b (blue) 1959-1965   Photo
Alpa 9d 1965-1969   PhotochartManualCollectionWishlist
Alpa 9d (black) 1965-1969   PhotochartRarity indexManualCollectionWishlist
Alpa 9d Half-Frame (halbformat) 1965-1969   PhotoWishlist
Alpa 9f 1965-1967   PhotoManualWishlist
Alpa 9f (black) 1965-1967   PhotoManual
Alpa 9f (black/red) 1965-1967   Photo
Alpa Mercure Satellite Microfilm Camera 1977-1982   PhotoCollectionWishlist
Alpa Pinhole 1998   Photo
Alpa Reflex I 1944-1945   PhotochartRarity indexCollectionWishlist
Alpa Reflex I (with instruction leaflet) 1944   Photo
Alpa Reflex I Blue 1942   Photo
Alpa Reflex II 1945-1952   PhotochartCollection
Alpa Reflex II 'De Luxe' 1951   Photo
Alpa Reflex II Blue 1944-1945   Photo
Alpa Reflex II Red 1947   Photo
Alpa Reflex III (Prisma) 1948-1952   PhotochartComments
Alpa Roto-Camera c1980   PhotoManual
Alpa Rotocamera 6070 c1980   Photo
Alpa Si 2000 1977   PhotoManualCollection
Alpa Si 3000 1980   PhotoCollection
Alpa Si 3000 S 1982   Collection
Alpa Standard 1946-1952   PhotochartRarity indexWishlist
Bolca (Standard) 1942-1950  
Bolca I 1942-1946  
Bolcarette (prototype) c1935   PhotoWishlist
Bolsey 35 Reflex 1945-1952   PhotoWishlist
Bolsey A 1942-1946  
Viteflex c1945   PhotoWishlist

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