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Pathe Freres cameras: Years of manufacture:
Bakelite Box c1930  
Cinematographe (1897) 1987-1900  
Cinematographe (1900) 1900-1905   Photo
DS8/BTL (Reflex) c1973  
Electronic Duolight DS8 c1974-1981  
Grand (16mm) c1903-1908   Photo
Grand (35mm) c1903-1908   Photo
Imperial 1965  
MotoCamera 1927-1928   PhotoCollection
MotoCamera 16 1933-1935  
MotoCamera 175 1935  
MotoCamera B c1928-1933   PhotoCollection
MotoCamera H c1937-1959   Collection
MotoCamera Luxe 1932  
MotoCamera Luxe V 1930-1934  
MotoCamera V 1928-1930  
Pathe 28mm 1912  
Pathe 35mm 1905  
Pathe Baby 1923-1925   PhotoCollectionRarity index
Pathe Baby Lux V c1920   Photo
Pathe Baby Motor 1926-1927   PhotoCollection
Pathe Baby Motor 'Camo' c1927  
Pathe KOK c1913   Photo
Pathe Lido 16 1958  
Pathe Lido 8 1957-1964  
Pathe Lido Classic 16 1958  
Pathe Lido Classic 9.5 1958  
Pathe Lido Duplex 1956-1958  
Pathe Lido IV c1958-1963  
Pathe Lido Universelle 1958  
Pathe Mondial B 1932-1936  
Pathe National 1956   Collection
Pathe National I c1937  
Pathe National II 1948-1950   PhotoCollection
Pathe National III c1955  
Pathe Orly 1955  
Pathe Report 1979  
Pathe Report Duolight 1979  
Pathescope 1930  
Pathescope De Luxe 1948  
Pathescope H 1948   PhotoCollectionRarity index
Pathescope PAT 1953   Photo
Pathescope Prince 1959   Collection
Professional Reflex 16 c1977   Photo
Professional Reflex 16AT BTL c1977   Photo
Professionnelle c1907-1911   Photo
Reportage 1913-1922   Photo
Royal 1928-1936  
Royal 8 1965-1968  
Super 9.5 c1951  
Webo A 1946-1960  
Webo A Luxe 1950   Collection
Webo AT/BTL 1 c1967  
Webo BTL c1980s  
Webo M 16 c1980s   Collection
Webo M 16 BTL c1980s  
Webo M 16 Dummy c1980s   Photo
Webo M 16 Reflex c1980s  
Webo M 60 c1980s  
Webo M 9.5 1946-1960   Photo
Webo Rio c1950-1956  
Webo Rio Phot c1961  
Webo Super 16 1946-1960   PhotoCollection
Webo Super Special 1958  

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