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Olympic Camera Works was a trade name for the Asahi Bussan company, which was established in c1934 in Tokyo. Some cameras had "AB" name on the front. In 1937 Asahi Bussan was acquired by Riken Kankōshi, and renamed to Asahi Kōgaku Kōgyō K.K. (Asahi Optical Industries) (unrelated to another Asahi Kōgaku Kōgyō K.K. - Petax predecessor). AB name was slowly replaced by AKK. While almost all Olympic cameras were made by Asahi Bussan, the company also sold rebadged cameras by other manufacturers - i.e. Adler series as well as Vest Olympic with Regal Olympic. Cameras sold after 1937 are listed under Riken.
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Olympic Camera cameras: Years of manufacture:
Letix c1940   Photo
Letix Deluxe c1940  
New Olympic (Mod C) 1936   Photo
New Olympic (Mod CIII) c1937  
Olympic A 1934   Photo
Olympic B 1934   Photo
Olympic Four (I) 1938  
Olympic Four (II) 1939   Photo
Olympic Junior 1934   Photo
Regal Olympic 1938   Photo
Semi Kinsi (New Olympic) c1941  
Semi Olympic 1937   Photo
Semi Olympic (New Olympic) 1937   Photo
Super Olympic 1936-1938  
Super Olympic D 1936   Photo
Super Olympic DIII 1937-1938   Photo
Super Olympic DIIIA 1937-1938   Photo
Vest Olympic 1937   Photo

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