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The OPL (Société Optique et Précision de Levallois) company was founded in 1919 in France, and began manufacturing cameras in 1945. In 1964 it was merged with SOM company, and ceased its camera production operations in 1967.

OPL (Foca) cameras: Years of manufacture:
Aerial Camera c1923   Photo
Foca * 1946-1946   PhotoRarity indexCollection
Foca ***PF3 1947-1959   PhotoCollection
Foca ***PF3L 1959-1962   Photo
Foca ***PF3L AIR 1959-1962  
Foca **PF 1944-1945  
Foca **PF2 1945-1945   PhotoCommentsCollection
Foca **PF2B 1947-1957   PhotoRarity indexCollection
Foca **PF2B Marine National c1950s   Photo
Foca *PF1 1948-1953   PhotoRarity indexCommentsCollection
Foca Marly 1964   CommentsCollection
Foca Standard * 1953-1962   PhotoCollection
Foca Universel c1948-1955   PhotoRarity indexCommentsCollection
Foca Universel (outfit) c1950   Photo
Foca Universel R (U.R.) c1955-1962   PhotoCollection
Foca Universel R (U.R.) 'Marine Nationale' c1955-1962   Photo
Foca Universel RC (U.R.C.) c1962-1963   PhotoRarity indexComments
Foca Universel RC (U.R.C.) 'Marine Nationale' c1962-1963   Photo
Focaflex c1960s   PhotoRarity indexCommentsCollection
Focaflex Automatic c1962   Photo
Focaflex II c1962   Photo
Focamatic 1961   PhotoRarity indexCollection
Focasport C 1963-1964  
Focasport CF 1962-1963   PhotoCollection
Focasport I c1955-1957   PhotoRarity indexCollection
Focasport I (L) c1958-1962   PhotoRarity indexCollectionfor_sale
Focasport I (plastic) 1962-1965   PhotoRarity indexCollection
Focasport Ib c1959-1962   PhotoRarity indexCollection
Focasport Ic c1957-1959   PhotoCollection
Focasport Id c1959-1961   PhotoRarity indexCollectionfor_sale
Focasport II 1961-1962   PhotoRarity indexCollectionfor_sale
Focasport IIc 1963-1965   PhotoRarity indexCollection
Focasport IIf 1962-1963   PhotoRarity indexCollection
Focasport S 1963-1966   PhotoRarity indexCollection
Focasport SC 1964-1966   PhotoRarity indexCollection
Focasport SF 1964-1966   PhotoCollection
Micro Foca 2 1957  

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