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Nizo-Braun cameras: Years of manufacture:
801 1975-1975   Photo
Cine 16 c1927-1930   Photo
Cine 8E c1930   PhotoRarity index
Cine 9.5 Mod A c1925  
Cine 9.5 Mod F c1925   PhotoCollection
Cine 9.5 Mod M c1933   Photo
Elektronik 1000 c1968   PhotoCollectionRarity index
Exposomat 8R c1955  
Exposomat 8T c1958   Collection
Heliomatic 8 c1960s   Photo
Heliomatic 8 S2R c1959   Photo
Integral 5 1970   Photo
Macro 1005 1970  
Macro 156 1970   Photo
Macro Compact 500 1970  
Macro MZ 864 1970  
S56 1970   Photo
S560 1970   PhotoCollectionRarity index
Zoomreflex S8 1970  

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