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Newman & Guardia was founded in 1893 by Arthur Newman (camera designer at Newman & Simpson) and Julio Guardia (businessman and photographer). This was a successful company until Julio died in 1906 and Arthur resigned his directorship in 1908. Later, in 1909, Newman set up a new company with James A. Sinclair - Newman & Sinclair Ltd.. Original N&G company existed until approximately 1959, when it was incorporated into Lawley Apparatus Company and later acquired by Éclair-Debrie.
Very detailed description of N&G cameras can be found at early photography site.

Newman & Guardia cameras: Years of manufacture:
Baby Sibyl 1912-1935   PhotochartRarity indexManualCollection
Baby Sibyl (rangefinder) 1912-1935   PhotoRarity indexCommentsWishlist
Baby Sibyl (rollfilm) c1920   PhotoCollection
Cyclops c1908  
Deluxe 1896-1922   Photo
Half-Plate Pattern c1895-1900s  
High Speed Pattern c1892-1913  
Longfocus Reflexkamera 1902-1922   Photo
New Ideal Sibyl c1913   PhotoManualCollection
New Special Sibyl 1913-1935   PhotochartManualCollection
Nydia c1900   PhotochartRarity indexCollection
Pattern A c1892-1905  
Pattern B c1892-1905  
Pattern C c1892-1903   Photo
Postcard Sibyl c1912-1914  
Reflex 1902-1922   Photo
Reflex (Folding) 1921-1930s   PhotochartCollection
Sibyl c1907-1912   Photo
Sibyl Deluxe c1911   Photo
Sibyl Excelsior c1933   Photo
Sibyl Imperial c1910  
Sibyl Stereo (folding) c1920   Photo
Sibyl Stereo (strut-folding) 1911   Photo
Sibyl Vitesse c1930s   Photo
Special B c1892-1905   Photo
Special Sibyl 1910-1913   Photo
Special Stereo Rollfilm Sibyl c1920s  
Special Stereoscopic 1898   Photo
Special Twin Lens Pattern c1898-1900s   Photo
Stereoscopic Pattern c1896-1911  
Trellis c1910-1930   Photo
Twin Lens Pattern c1892-1900s   PhotoCollection
Universal Pattern B c1905-1913   Photo
Universal Special Pattern B c1905-1913   PhotoCollection

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