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The New Taiwan Photographic Corp. was founded in 1981 in Taiwan. It produced a huge range of simple OEM cameras, as well as cameras under its own brand - Ouyama. While exact number of models or even their attribution is debated, all cameras with similar characteristics are listed under this manufacturer. Some of the Asaflex cameras were made by New Taiwan.

Majority of New Taiwan cameras pretend to look like SLR or rangefinder, and most have an added metal weight inside, at the bottom of camera, for perceived solidity. Some of the cameras were advertised on TV as having a great value comparing to other well known brands, but still, these cameras were built from cheap materials, and often had plastic lens. Several models were distributed to the subscribers of magazines like Time or Sports Illustrated.

Some lenses are attributed to Kinetic brand, and pretty much all lenses have "Optical Lens" or "Lens Made In Japan" in their name. Some cameras with the same names but different lenses have different characteristics, so lens names are also listed for convenience.

US importer of some of the cameras was Lavec - originally known as AV Lavec, and later simply as Lavec, the trademark was first used in 1978, while the commercial use started in 1980. This trademark was created for "televisions, radios & cameras" use and was in use until 1994 with registration in Wilmington, CA. Some sources attribute many cameras to Lavec, though it was only an importer.

Pretty much none of these cameras have historical or functional value. The only value is for some collectors who are interested in such items.

New Taiwan cameras: Years of manufacture:
AF35-S (Lens Made in Japan) c1990s   Photo
Akira 2000 (New Color Optical Lens) c1980s   Photo
Akira 2000N (Lens Made In Japan) c1980s   Photo
Akira 7000 (New Color Optical Lens) c1980s   Photo
Akira 7000 DVT (Lens Made In Japan) c1980s   PhotoCommentsCollection
Akira FMD (Optical Lens Focus Free) c1990s   Photo
Akira MF-7000DV (Lens Made in Japan) c1980s   PhotoComments
Akira PC-606 (Free Focus) c1980s   PhotoCommentsCollection
Akira TC-002 (New Optical Lens) c1980s   PhotoCommentsCollection
Akira TC-306 (Fix Focus) c1990s   Photo
Akita AT-R2000F (Optical Lens Focus Free) c1990s   Photo
Akita Royal-I (Optical Lens Focus Free) c1990s   PhotoCollection
Alex AC35 (Lens Made In Japan) c1980s   Photo
Altic (Focus Free) c1980s   PhotoCollection
Alto (Optical Color Lens) c1986   Photo
AP-203 (Focus Free) c1990s   PhotoCollection
Argus BBC-1000 (Optical Lens) c1980s   Photo
ASI (Focus Free) c1990   PhotoCollection
AV Lavec LT-006 (Lavec Optical Lens) c1980s   Photo
AV Lavec T28 (Lavec Optical Glass Lens) c1980s   Photo
B-100 (Optical Color Lens) c1980s  
Barclaycard Visa (Optical Color Lens) c1980s   Photo
Barrington B-1 (Barrington Color Optical Lens) c1980s   Photo
Bentley WX-3 (Bentley Optical Lens) c1986   PhotoRarity indexCollection
Benz-Gant Helioflex 3000T (New Color Optical Lens) 1999   PhotoCollection
Caesars (Optical Color Lens) c1980s   Photo
Cannonmate 700 (Color Lens Made In Japan) c1980s   PhotoCollection
Cannonmate 901 (Lens Made In Japan) c1980s   Photo
Cannonmate AE-808 (Lens Made in Japan) c1980s   Photo
Canokimatic (Optical Lens Focus Free) c1980s   Photo
Canomatic (Optical Lens Focus Free) c1980s   Photo
Canomatic (7000 SEL, self-timer) (Optical Lens Focus Free) c1980s   Photo
Canomatic 2000 (New Optical Lens) c1980s   Photo
Canomatic Big Royal View (Focus Free) c1990s   Photo
Canomatic C-600 (Focus Free) c1980s   Photo
Canomatic Digital (not digital, Optical Lens Focus Free) c1990s   Photo
Canomatic FMD (Focus Free Lens Made In Japan) c1990s   Photo
Canomatic OX-5 (New Color Optical Lens) c1980s   Photo
Canomatic SE-AS (New Color Optical Lens) c1980s   Photo
Canomatik (Optical Lens Focus Free) c1980s   PhotoCollection
Canon AF Junior nmate (Japan Lens) c1990s   Photo
Canon CNx30 (Optical Lens Focus Free) c1980s   Photo
Canon DL-2000 (Optical Lens Focus Free) c1990s   Photo
Canon DL-9000 (Optical Lens Focus Free) c1990s   Photo
Canon KIT 3006 (Optical Lens Focus Free) c1980s   Photo
Canon NK-2020 (Optical Lens Focus Free) c1980s   Photo
Canon nmatic (Japan Lens) c1990s   Photo
Canon Q5200 (Optical Lens Focus Free) 1985-1989   PhotoCollection
Canon Q8200 (Optical Lens Focus Free) c1980s   Photo
Canon Q8200A (Optical Lens Focus Free) c1990s  
Canon S8200 (Optical Lens Focus Free) c1980s  
Canon System (Optical Lens Focus Free) c1990s   Photo
Canon TC-5000 (Lens Made In Japan) c1980s  
Canon TC-8000 (Optical Lens Focus Free) c1980s  
Canon UL-3100CB (Optical Lens Focus Free) c1980s   Photo
Capital KX-100 (Focus Free) c1990   PhotoCollection
Capital MX-II (Capital Optical Color Lens) c1986   PhotoCollection
Capital MX-II (Capital Optical Lens) c1980s   PhotoCommentsCollection
Capital MX-II (New Color Optical Lens) c1980s  
Charman 2000 (New Color Optical Lens) c1980s   Photo
Charman M-102 (Focus Free) c1980s   Photo
Civica BF-300 c1990   Photo
Civica F-700 (Civicon Glass Lens) c1980s  
Civica MX-V (Optical Color Lens) c1980s   PhotoCollection
CMI 35 (Optical Color Lens) c1980s  
Comax GT-306 (Comax Optical Lens) c1980s   Photo
Comax LT-002 (New Optical Lens) c1980s   Photo
Concord SS-3 (New Color Optical Lens) c1980s   Photo
Condor CF-4 (Japan Optical Lens) c1980s  
Cortland CX-7 (Cortland Optical Lens) c1980s  
Cunon YN-500 (Optical Color Lens) c1980s  
Cyber 2002 CY-2002 (Optical Lens Focus Free) c1990s  
Damff X-700 (Japan Color Optical Lens) c1980s   Photo
DH-1000 (Optical Color Lens) c1967   PhotoCollection
Digicam FM-100 (radio, New Color Optical Lens) c1990s   Photo
Digital DL-9000 (Focus Free Optical Lens) c1980s  
Diplomat F4 (Color Lens Made In Japan) c1980s   Photo
Drakkar Noir (New Color Optical Lens) c1980s  
DV-360F (Aspherical Lens) c1990s   PhotoCollection
DX-1000 (Optical Color Lens) c1980s  
DX-139 (Lens Made in Japan) c1980s  
Elite MF-2X (New Color Optical Glass Lens) c1980s  
ESC (New Optical Lens) c1980s   Photo
Eureka 2436 (New Color Optical Lens) c1980s   Photo
Europa EU300 (Optical Color Lens) c1980s   Photo
Excel Deluxe-I (Optical Color Lens) c1980s   PhotoCollection
Excel DL-3 (Japan Lens) c1990s   Photo
F-1000 (Optical Color Lens) c1967   Photo
Fetana 35 SR (Japan Lens Focus Free) c1980s   Photo
Florimon (Focus Free) c1980s  
FM-147 (radio, New Color Optical Lens) c1990s   Photo
Fotex (Fotex Optical Glass Lens) c1980s  
Fotovision 35mm (Focus Free) c1980s   Photo
Franka AF-300 (Focus Free) c1980s   Photo
Franka JM-77 (New Color Optical Lens) c1980s   Photo
Franka MF-35 (Glass Lens) c1980s   Photo
Franka MF-45D (Lens Made In Japan) c1987   Photo
Franka MX-I (Franka Color Lens) c1980s  
Franka MX-I (New Color Optical Lens) c1980s  
Franka MX-V (Optical Color Lens) c1980s  
Franka NX-40 (Optical Color Lens) c1980s   Photo
Franka X-500 (Focus Free) c1980s   PhotoCollection
Frog (Focus Free) c1960s   PhotoCollection
Galaxy SP-202 (Optical Lens Focus Free) c1990s   Photo
Ginette M68F (Optical Color Lens) c1990s   PhotoCollection
Globus GL2000A (Optical Lens Focus Free) c1990s   Photo
Gm Tex GT-304 (New Optical Lens) c1980s   Photo
Gmtex GT-304 (center vf, New Optical Lens) c1980s   Photo
Gmtex GT-304 (side vf, New Optical Lens) c1980s   Photo
Gmtex GT-304 (silver, New Optical Lens) c1980s   Photo
Hachi KX-66 (New Color Optical Lens) c1990s   Photo
Hachi X1000 (Focus Free) 1995   PhotoCollection
HHodar (Color Optical Lens) c1980s  
HHodar 356SL (Color Optical Lens) c1980s  
HHodar L-3 (Color Optical Lens) c1980s  
HHodar X-1 (Color Optical Lens) c1980s  
HHodar X-700 (Color Corrected Optical Glass Lens) c1980s  
Horawashi Autoflash AF 1000 (Lens Made In Japan) c1990s  
Imatic LT-002 (New Optical Lens) c1980s  
Impac (New Optical Color Lens) c1980s  
Impac 707 (New Optical Lens) c1980s  
Inovar (Kinetic Optical Color Lens) c1980s  
Inovar MK-3 (Focus Free) c1980s   Collection
Itochi (New Color Optical Lens) c1980s  
Kalimar MX-1 (Kalimar Color Optical Lens) c1980s   Photo
Kalimar MX-1 (Kalimar Optical Lens) c1980s  
Kamachi 2000N (Lens Made In Japan) c1980s   Photo
Kinetic (Kinetic Optical Color Lens) c1980s  
Kinetic Auto Flash (Free Focus) c1980s  
Kinon 205 (Lens Made In Japan) c1990s   Photo
Kinon SC-1 c1986   Photo
Kinusa Deluxe-I (Optical Color Lens) c1990s   Photo
Kinusa K-700 (Color Corrected Optical Lens) c1980s  
Kinusa K-77 (Optical Glass Lens) c1986  
Kinusa KX-7 (Optical Glass Lens) c1980s  
Kinusa LX-9 (Color Optical Lens) c1986   Photo
Konex K-35 c1990   Photo
Konex MX-V (Optical Color Lens) c1990   PhotoCollection
Kwinston 35 (Optical Lens Made In Japan) c1980s   Photo
La-Camera (Color Optical Lens) c1980s  
Lavec LT-002 (Lavec Optical Lens) c1990  
Licom MXF-700 (pseudo-RF) (Optical Color Lens) c1980s  
Licom MXF-700 (pseudo-SLR) (Optical Color Lens) c1980s   PhotoCollection
Life (Color Optical Lens) 1984   PhotoCollection
Limp (Optical Color Lens) c1980s   Photo
LT-006 (Lavec Optical Lens) c1990   PhotoCollection
Luminox 356 SL (Color Optical Lens) c1980s   Photo
Lynx PPL 500XL (Color Optical Glass Lens) c1980s   PhotoCollection
Majestic YN300 (Optical Color Lens) c1980s   Photo
Matashi FMD (Optical Lens Focus Free) c1990s   Collection
Matsui (Focus Free Optical Lens) c1980s  
Matsui KIT 3006 (Focus Free Optical Lens) c1980s  
Maxi 35-F (Focus Free) c1980s   Photo
Maxi 35-MCF (Optical Lens Made In Japan) c1980s   Photo
Maxi 35-MD (Focus Free Lens Made In Japan) c1990s   Photo
Maxim MF-101 (Maxim Optical Lens) c1980s  
Maxim MF-101x (New Optical Lens) c1980s  
Maxim MF-IX (New Color Optical Glass Lens) c1980s  
Maxim MX-3057 (Optical Lens Focus Free) c1990s   Photo
Maximatic 888 c1990   Photo
Maximatic MF-101X (Lens Made In Japan) c1990   PhotoCollection
Maximus MC-1 (fake-RF) (Maximus Optical Color Lens) c1980s  
Maximus MC-1 (viewfinder) (Maximus Optical Color Lens) c1980s  
Meikai (Lens Made In Japan) c1980s  
Meikai 4351 (Color Optical Lens) c1980s  
Meikai 4351 (New Color Optical Lens) c1980s  
Meikai 4351 S (Meikai New Color Lens) c1980s  
Meikai 4351-0 (New Optical Lens) c1980s  
Meikai 4353 SSN (New Optical Lens) c1980s   Photo
Meikai 4353-Q (New Optical Lens) c1980s  
Meikai 4353c (Optical Color Lens) c1980s  
Meikai 4353S (New Optical Lens) c1980s  
Meikai 4353X (Color Optical Lens) c1980s  
Meikai AR-4351KSN (New Optical Lens) c1980s  
Meikai AR-4352 (New Color Optical Lens) c1980s  
Meikai AR-4352S (New Color Optical Lens) c1980s  
Meikai AR-4367 (New Color Optical Lens) c1980s   Photo
Meikai AR-4385 c1980s   Photo
Meikai AR-4394 (New Color Optical Lens) c1980s  
Meikai AR-4400 (Focus Free) c1980s  
Meikai AW-4366 (Focus Free Optical Lens) c1990s  
Meikai AW-4366 (New Color Optical Lens) c1990s  
Meikai AW-4366N (New Color Optical Lens) c1990s   Collection
Meikai AW-4400T (New Color Optical Lens) c1990s  
Meikai DL-4396 P (New Color Optical Lens) c1990s  
Mikona MV-35 (Focus Free) c1980s   Photo
Mikona MV-828 (Focus Free) c1980s   PhotoCollection
Minaki 35EZ (Color Optical Lens) c1980s  
Minaki 35mm (Color Optical Lens) c1980s  
Minaki EZ35R (Color Optical Lens) c1980s  
Minotar E1145 (Focus Free) c1990s  
Minotar Motor Drive (Focus Free) c1990s  
Mintax PB 127 (New Color Optical Lens) c1990s  
Mintax PB 268 (New Color Optical Lens) c1980s  
Mintax PB 852 (New Color Optical Lens) c1980s  
Mintsuba 35mm (compact) c1990s  
Mintsuba TC-5000 (Focus Free Optical Lens) c1980s  
Mintsuba TC-5000D (Focus Free Optical Lens) c1980s  
Mintsuba TC-8000 (Focus Free Optical Lens) c1980s  
Mitsuba (Focus Free) c1990s   PhotoCollection
Naikei 1000-X (New Color Optical Lens) c1990s   PhotoCollection
Nikai (Color Optical Lens) c1980s   Photo
Nikai Big Royal View (flash, Focus Free) c1990s   Photo
Nikai Big Royal View (Focus Free) c1990s   Photo
Nikai FMD (Optical Lens Focus Free) c1990s  
Nikai PDS (Optical Lens Focus Free) c1990s   PhotoRarity index
Nikaiyo FMD (Optical Lens Focus Free) c1990s  
Nikashi GX-80D (Focus Free) c1980s   Photo
Nikca (Japan Lens) c1980s   Photo
Nikca Club Foto (Japan Lens) c1980s   Photo
Nikkei DL-9000 (Focus Free Optical Lens) c1980s   Photo
Nikkey (Optical Lens Focus Free) c1980s   Photo
Ninoka NK-700 (Ninoka Optical Lens) c1980s   PhotoCommentsCollection
Nippon (compact, Focus Free) c1990s   Photo
Nippon (compact, New Color Optical Lens) c1980s   Collection
Nippon (compact, sliding door) c1990s   Photo
Nippon (K-147, New Color Optical Lens) c1980s   Photo
Nippon (K-148, New Color Optical Lens) c1980s   Photo
Nippon (SN-307, New Color Optical Lens) c1990s   Photo
Nippon 2000N c1980s  
Nippon AR-4392 (New Color Optical Lens) c1980s   Collection
Nippon AR-4392F (New Color Optical Lens) c1990s   Photo
Nippon AR-4392FH (Focus Free Optical Lens) c1990s   PhotoCollection
Nippon AR-4392H (Optical Lens) c1980s  
Nippon DI-4392 (New Color Optical Lens) c1980s  
Nippon DI-4398 (Panoramic Lens) c1980s   Photo
Nippon G-100 (New Color Optical Lens) c1980s  
Nippon K-220 (Lens Made In Japan) c1980s   Photo
Nippon R-139 (Lens Made In Japan) c1990s   Photo
Nokina Big Royal View (Focus Free) c1990s  
Nokina FMD (Optical Lens Focus Free) c1990s  
Nokina KC3030 (Optical Lens Focus Free) c1980s  
Nokina NK-2020 (Optical Lens Focus Free) c1980s  
Nokina NK-3030 (Optical Lens Focus Free) c1980s  
Nokina NK-3636 (Optical Lens Focus Free) c1980s  
Nokina NK-4040 (Optical Lens Focus Free) c1990s   Photo
Nokina NK-50/50 (Optical Lens Focus Free) c1990s  
Nokina NK-8080 (Optical Lens Focus Free) c1980s  
Novai 7000 (New Color Optical Lens) c1980s   Photo
Ocean OX-2 (Optical Color Lens) c1980s  
Ocean OX-5 (Optical Color Lens) c1980s   Collection
Odette Big Royal View c1990s   Photo
Odette Pix Panorama c1990   Photo
Olempia (self-timer) (Optical Lens Focus Free) c1980s  
Olempia Big Royal View (Focus Free) c1990s   Photo
Olympia Big Royal View (Focus Free) c1989   PhotoCollection
Olympia DL 2000 (Optical Lens Focus Free) c1980s  
Olympia DL2000A (Optical Lens Focus Free) c1980s  
Olympia DL2000GM (Optical Lens Focus Free) c1980s  
Olympia EL 1124 (Lens Made In Japan) c1980s  
Olympia FMD (Optical Lens Focus Free) c1990s  
Olympia GM8426 (Optical Lens Focus Free) c1980s  
Olympia NK5050 (Optical Lens Focus Free) c1980s  
Olympia OY4040 (Optical Lens Focus Free) c1980s   Photo
Oppex 2 7090 (New Color Optical Lens) c1980s   Photo
Oppex 7090 (New Color Optical Lens) 1980   PhotoCollection
Oppex AW-60 (Lens Made In Japan) c1980s  
Optex Starshot II (Focus Free) c1980s   Photo
Opticapture 600E Big Royal View (Focus Free Optical Lens) c1990s   Photo
Ouyama (compact) (New Color Optical Lens) c1980s  
Ouyama 2000H (Optical Lens Focus Free) c1980s   PhotoCollection
Ouyama 2000N (Lens Made In Japan) c1980s   Photo
Ouyama F-600 (Focus Free Lens Made In Japan) c1990s   Photo
Ouyama FM-147 (radio, New Color Optical Lens) c1990s  
Ouyama FMD (New Color Optical Lens) c1990s  
Ouyama Mango (New Color Optical Lens) c1980s   Photo
Ouyama MF-7000DV (New Color Optical Lens) c1980s  
Ouyama Q-008 (New Color Lens) c1990s  
Ouyama SP-907 (New Color Optical Lens) c1980s  
Ouyama TR-4394 (Optical Lens Focus Free) c1980s  
Panasound DL-9000 (Focus Free Optical Lens) c1990s  
Panorama Normal (Focus Free Optical Lens) c2002   PhotoCollection
Panoramic (Focus Free Optical Lens) c1990s   Photo
Pearl P-1 (New Color Optical Lens) c1980s   Photo
Penmax YN3 (Penmax Color Optical Glass Lens) c1976-1980s   PhotoCollection
Perfect 35FX (Focus Free Lens Made In Japan) c1980s   Photo
Photoflex MX-35 (Color Optical Lens) c1980s   PhotoCollection
Photoflex MX-35 (fake meter, Photoflex Optical Lens) c1970s   PhotoCollection
Photoflex MX-35 (Optical Color Lens) c1980s   Comments
Photoflex MX-35 (Photoflex Optical Lens) c1970s   Photo
Pierre Cardin S-235 (Optical Glass Lens) c1970s   Photo
Polo Sharpshots KIT 3006 (Optical Lens Focus Free) c1980s   Photo
Premier PC-90 (Optical Glass Lens) c1980s   Collection
Protax 2000 (New Color Optical Lens) c1980s  
Protax PC-304 (New Optical Lens) c1995  
Protax PC-606 (Free Focus) c1995   Photo
Protax QL356F (Focus Free Optical Lens) c1990s  
QLS-99 2000N (New Color Optical Lens) c1980s  
QSS PC-400 (Focus Free) c1980s   Photo
Quartz (Optical Color Lens) c1980s  
Quartz Deluxe-I (Optical Color Lens) c1980s   PhotoCollection
Quickshot (compact) (New Color Optical Lens) c1990s  
Quickshot 35mm (New Optical Glass Lens) c1980s  
Quickshot DI-4401 (Focus Free) c1990s  
Quickshot DI-4410 Mango (New Color Optical Lens) c1990s   PhotoCollection
Quickshot Gripper (Focus Free) c1990s  
Quickshot Handy (Focus Free) c1980s  
Quickshot X3000 (pseudo-SLR, New Optical Lens) c1980   PhotoCollection
Quickshot X3000 (viewfinder, New Optical Lens) c1980   PhotoCollection
Rainbow MD-35F (Lens Made In Japan) c1980s   PhotoCollection
Remac (New Color Optical Lens) c1980s   Photo
Renault Coches llenos de Vida (New Color Optical Lens) c1980s   Photo
RET (Focus Free) c1980s   Photo
Rokinon (compact) (Focus Free Optical Lens) c1990s  
Rokinon 3000e (New Color Optical Lens) c1980s  
Rokinon 3000e/d (New Color Optical Lens) c1980s  
Rokinon 35EF Happy S (Optical Lens) c1980s   Collection
Rokinon 35EFM (Lens Made In Japan) c1980s   Photo
Rokinon 35HD (Focus Free Optical Lens) c1980s   PhotoCollection
Rokinon Camcolor (Optical Lens) c1980s   Photo
Rokinon Digital c2000   PhotoDigitalCollection
Rokinon RAF c1990s  
Rokinon SK-102 (Focus Free) c1980s  
Romor R-2 (Romor Optical Lens) c1980s  
Roniflex X3000 (New Optical Lens) c1986-1990s   PhotoCollection
Royal RL-225 (New Optical Lens) c1980s  
Royal RL-22S (New Optical Glass Lens) c1980s  
Royal RL-22S (New Optical Lens) c1980s   Photo
Sana DL-9000 (Focus Free Optical Lens) c1980s   Photo
Sceptre YN 500 (Sceptre Optical Color Lens) c1980s   PhotoCollection
Sceptre YN 600 (Sceptre Optical Color Lens) c1980s   Photo
Seikanon 35FX (Lens Made In Japan) c1980s   Photo
Silver LS-001 (New Color Optical Lens) c1980s  
Sincere L-100CM (New Color Optical Lens) 1990s   Photo
Sitacon RX-7 (New Color Lens) c1980s   Photo
Sitacon ST-3 (New Color Optical Glass Lens) 1982   PhotoCollection
Sitacon ST-3X (New Color Optical Glass Lens) 1980s   Photo
Skina Royal-I (Optical Lens) c1990s   Photo
Skina SK-102 (Focus Free) c1980s   Photo
Sonaki (self-timer) (Optical Lens Focus Free) c1990s  
Sonaki EV 4041 (Optical Lens Focus Free) c1990s  
Sonaki FMD (Optical Lens Focus Free) c1990s  
Sony 7000 (New Color Optical Lens) c1980s   Photo
Sony 7000DVT (New Color Optical Lens) 1984   Photo
Sony Big Royal View (Focus Free) c1990s   Photo
Spectrum (Focus Free) c1980s   Photo
Sports Illustrated (Kinetic Optical Color Lens) c1986   PhotoCollection
Starflex (Lens Made In Japan) c1980s   Photo
Starflex PC-606 (Free Focus) c1980s   Photo
Subra Shot (pseudo-SLR) (New Subra Shot Color Optical Lens) c1980s  
Subra Shot (viewfinder) (New Subra Shot Color Optical Lens) c1980s  
Subra Shot MF-IX (New Color Optical Lens) c1980s  
Sunpet (Focus Free) c1990s   PhotoCollection
Sunpet Got Yeah (Optical Lens Focus Free) c1990s   Photo
Suntone 35mm (Focus Free) c1990s  
Suntone MM-251 (Focus Free) c1990s   CommentsCollection
Suntone MM-252 (Focus Free) c1990s   CommentsCollection
Suntone MM-253 (Focus Free) c1990s   CommentsCollection
Suntone MM-350 (Focus Free) c1990s   CommentsCollection
Suntone MM-802 c1990s   CommentsCollection
Suntone MM500 Deluxe-I (Optical Color Lens) c1980s   CommentsCollection
Super 35 (Kinetic Optical Color Lens) c1980s  
Suprema GP 101 (Focus Free) c1990s   PhotoCollection
Tashika (motor drive) (Focus Free Lens Made In Japan) c1990s  
Tashika 2000N (New Color Optical Lens) c1990s  
Tashika DTI-2000 (Lens Made In Japan) c1990s  
Tashika FMD (Optical Lens Focus Free) c1990s  
The Humane Society (Focus Free) 1985   PhotoCollection
Time (Kinetic Optical Color Lens) 1984   PhotoCommentsCollection
Time (Kinetic Optical Glass Lens) 1984   PhotoCollection
Time (Lavec Optical Glass Lens) 1984   Photo
Time FC-100 (Color Optical Lens) c1970s   PhotoCollection
Trump Plaza (New Optical Lens) c1990   PhotoCollection
Trump's Castle Casino Resort (Focus Free) 1997   PhotoCollection
TV Guide (Optical Color Lens) c1980s  
UCC UC300 (Optical Color Lens) c1980s   Photo
Ultima UL-3000 (Optical Lens Focus Free) c1990s  
Ultima UL-3100CB (Optical Lens Focus Free) c1990s  
Ultronic (Aspherical Lens) c1990s   PhotoCollection
Ultronic (Color Optical Lens) c1980   PhotoCollection
Ultronic (Focus Free) c1980s   PhotoCommentsCollection
Ultronic (Kinetic Optical Color Lens) c1980   PhotoCollection
Ultronic (Romor Optical Color Lens) c1980   Photo
Ultronic LE6 1988   Photo
Ultronic Panoramic (Focus Free) c1995   PhotoCommentsCollection
Vista KX-500 (Lens Made In Japan) c1990s   PhotoCollection
Vista View 110 c1980s   PhotoCollection
Vista View Deluxe 110 c1980s   PhotoCollection
Vista View XL (Focus Free) 1994   PhotoCollection
Welica WX-7s (New Color Optical Lens) c1980s  
Weston WX-7 (Weston Optical Lens) c1980s   PhotoCollection
Weyburn F6 (New Color Optical Lens) c1980s   Photo
Wide Pic GE Plastics (Focus Free) c2002   Photo
Wide Pic Panorama (Focus Free) c2002   PhotoRarity indexCollection
Windsor WX-3 (Windsor Optical Glass Lens) c1980s   Rarity indexCollection
Wizen ez4u (Lens Made In Japan) c1990s   Photo
X-O (Color Optical Lens) 1984   PhotoCollection
Yamasheta 35mm (Color Optical Lens) c1980s  
Yamasheta 35mm (New Optical Lens) c1980s  
Yamasheta 35mm (Yamasheta Optical Lens) c1980s   PhotoCommentsCollection
Yasiuka 2000N (Optical Lens Focus Free) c1980s  
Yoshita ECX-35AF (Lens Made In Japan) c1990s  
Yoshita MF-A7000F (Lens Made In Japan) c1990s  
Yoshita X-700 (Color Optical Lens) 1984   Photo
Yumeka dx-3 (Color Optical Glass) c1983  
Yumeka R-5 (35-R5, radio, New Yumeka Lens) c1990s   Photo
Yunon Deluxe-I (Optical Color Lens) c1980s   Photo
Yunon Deluxe-II (Optical Color Lens) c1980s   Photo
Yunon DX-3 (New Yunon Color Optical Glass Lens) c1980s  
Yunon Royal-I (Optical Lens) c1990s   Photo
Yunon YN 500 (eagle, Optical Color Lens) c1980s   PhotoComments
Yunon YN 500 (Optical Color Lens) c1980s   PhotoCollection
Zykkor 201 (Optical Color Lens) c1980s   Photo

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