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Miranda Camera was founded under the name Orion Seiki Sangyō Y.K. (Orion Precision Products Industries Co. Ltd.) around 1947, in Japan. The first camera prototype was manufactured in 1954. In 1955, the same year the company produced its first production model – the Miranda T – the name was changed to Orion Camera K.K. Two years later the company was renamed as Miranda Camera K.K. to reflect its cameras line. Unfortunately, in 1976 Miranda went bankrupt, although several years later the Miranda brand was revived by Cosina.

Miranda cameras: Years of manufacture:
Miranda A 1957   PhotoCommentsCollection
Miranda A II 1957  
Miranda Auto Sensorex EE (black) 1971-1977   PhotoManualCollection
Miranda Auto Sensorex EE (chrome) 1971-1977   PhotoRarity indexManualCollection
Miranda Auto Sensorex EE-2 (black) c1976   PhotoRarity indexManualCollection
Miranda Auto Sensorex EE-2 (chrome) c1976   PhotoCollection
Miranda Automex 1959   Manual
Miranda Automex II 1963   Collection
Miranda Automex III 1965   PhotoManualCollection
Miranda B 1957   Photo
Miranda C 1959   PhotoRarity indexManualCollection
Miranda D 1960-1962   PhotoManualCollection
Miranda DR 1962   PhotoRarity indexCommentsManualCollection
Miranda DR (black) 1962   Photo
Miranda DX-3 1975-1976   PhotoRarity indexManualCollection
Miranda F 1963   PhotoRarity indexManualCollection
Miranda FM 1963   PhotoCollection
Miranda FT 1963   Photo
Miranda Fv 1966   PhotoRarity indexManualCollection
Miranda Fv (black) 1966   Photo
Miranda Fv T 1966   PhotoCollection
Miranda G 1965-1966   PhotoManualCollection
Miranda GT 1965-1966   PhotoRarity indexCollection
Miranda Laborec III c1975   Photo
Miranda RE-II 1975-1978   PhotoCommentsManualCollection
Miranda S c1959   PhotoRarity indexCommentsManualCollectionWishlist
Miranda Sensomat 1969-1973   PhotoRarity indexManualCollection
Miranda Sensomat RE 1971-1976   PhotoManualCollection
Miranda Sensomat RS 1971  
Miranda Sensoret 1972-1975   PhotoRarity indexCollection
Miranda Sensorex 1968-1972   PhotoRarity indexManualCollection
Miranda Sensorex II 1971-1977   PhotoManualCollectionWishlist
Miranda Sensorex-C 1970   PhotoRarity indexManualCollection
Miranda ST 1959   Photo
Miranda T (Miranda, black) 1954-1956   Photo
Miranda T (Miranda) 1954-1956   PhotoRarity indexCollectionWishlist
Miranda T (Miranda) "Sample" 1954-1956   PhotoRarity index
Miranda T (Orion) 1954-1956   PhotochartWishlist
Miranda T (Orion) 'Sample' 1954-1956   PhotoRarity index
Miranda T (Orion) black 1954-1956   Photo
Miranda T II 1955-1957  
Miranda TM I (Soligor TM) c1975   PhotoCollection
Miranda TM II c1976  
Mirax Laborec Electronic D c1970  
Mirax Laborec I c1969   PhotoWishlist
Mirax Laborec II c1970  
Pallas TM c1975  
Pallas TM II c1976  

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