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Originally, "Meopta" was the name of the C.P. Göerz factory in Bratislava, Czechoslovakia. In 1945, when C.P. Göerz Bratislava merged with Optikotechna Přerov, the Meopta company was born, although it didn't acquire its name until later, in 1958. Currently, Meopta still exists, but no longer manufactures cameras.

Meopta cameras: Years of manufacture:
Adastra I 1966  
Adastra II 1966  
Adastra III 1966  
Admira 16 c1937  
Admira 16 A1 Electric 1958   PhotoRarity indexCollection
Admira 16 D 1963-1968  
Admira 16A Electric 1958   Collection
Admira 16C Electric 1963-1968  
Admira 8 II 1957  
Admira 8 II A 1958  
Admira 8D 1952  
Admira 8E 1956   Collection
Admira 8F c1956   PhotoCollection
Admira A 8F c1964  
Admira A 8G c1964  
Cola 1939   Comments
Flexaret I 1939-1945   PhotoCollection
Flexaret II 1945-1948   PhotoRarity indexCollection
Flexaret IIa 1948-1950   PhotoCollection
Flexaret III 1950-1951   PhotoCollection
Flexaret IIIa 1951-1955   PhotoRarity indexCollection
Flexaret IV 1955-1956   PhotoCollection
Flexaret IVa 1956-1958   PhotoManualCollection
Flexaret Standard 1964   PhotoCollection
Flexaret V 1958-1960   PhotoCollection
Flexaret Va 1960-1964   PhotoCollection
Flexaret VI Automat 1964-1968   PhotoRarity indexCommentsCollection
Flexaret VII Automat 1968   PhotoManualCollection
Flexaret VIIa Automat 1968   Photo
Kusovnik DFP 50 c1950   Photo
Magnola 1949   PhotoRarity indexCollection
Meopta 8 1950  
Meopta A8G 1964-1971   PhotoCollection
Mikroma 1949   PhotoRarity indexCollection
Mikroma (colored) 1949   Photo
Mikroma Endoscopy c1950s   Photo
Mikroma II 'World Expo' 1958   PhotoRarity indexCollection
Mikroma II (beige) 1959   PhotoRarity indexCollection
Mikroma II (colored) 1959   PhotoRarity indexManualCollection
Mikroma II 'Luxus-Gold' 1959   Photo
Mikroma II black 1959   PhotoRarity indexCommentsManualCollection
Mikroma II grey 1959   CommentsManual
Mikroma Microscope c1950s   Photo
Mikroma Police c1960   PhotochartRarity indexCollection
Milona 1952   PhotoCollection
Milona II 1952   Photo
Milox TI-246 c1968   PhotoRarity indexCollection
Opema c1950   PhotoRarity indexCollection
Opema (II) c1950   PhotoRarity indexCollection
Opema Copying (Repro) c1950   Photo
Opema Microscope Camera c1950   Photo
Optineta c1959   PhotoRarity indexCollection
Pankopta Panorama c1962   Photo
Somet 1956   Photo
Stereo 35 c1971   PhotochartCollection
Stereo-Mikroma (I) 1961   PhotochartRarity indexCollection
Stereo-Mikroma II 1961   PhotoCollection

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