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Mentor Kamerafabrik was founded in Berlin in 1898, by Hugo Breutmann. Frantz Goltz joined the company the very next year and the company was known as Goltz & Breutmann OHG Fabrik für Photographische Apparate back then. In 1906, company operations moved to Dresden. In 1921 the company was renamed Mentor Kamerafabrik Goltz & Breutmann, and was sold to Rudolf Großer in 1944. Nationalization didn't occur until 1972, when the company was renamed to VEB Mentor, which was later merged with VEB Pentacon (1980).

Mentor Goltz & Breutmann cameras: Years of manufacture:
Kamerad Rapid (prototype) 1922   Photo
Klein-Mentor 1907-1936   Photo
Klein-Mentor (special, 6.5x9) 1927   Photo
Mentor Compur Reflex 1929-1933   PhotochartCollection
Mentor Dreivier 1930-1933   Photochart
Mentor Dreivier (chrome) 1930-1933   Photo
Mentor II c1900-1930s   PhotoCollection
Mentor II Stereo c1906-1920s   Photo
Mentor III c1904  
Mentor IV c1906  
Mentor Nachtreflex (Night Reflex) (f1.9) c1914-1934   PhotoRarity indexCollection
Mentor Nachtreflex (Night Reflex) (f2.0) c1914-1934   Photo
Mentor Reflex c1905-1934   PhotoRarity indexCollection
Mentor Reflex (1909, Klapp, Folding) c1909-1913   Photo
Mentor Reflex (1913, Klapp, Folding) c1913-1925   PhotoRarity indexCollection
Mentor Reflex (1925, Klapp, Folding) c1925   Photo
Mentor Reflex (1926) c1926-1930s   Photo
Mentor Reflex (De Luxe, 1926, f/1.9) 1926-1930s   Photo
Mentor Sport Reflex 1927   PhotoCollection
Mentor Standard c1905-1934  
Mentor Stereo-Reflex 1913-1925   Photochart
Mentor Studio Camera 1956-1980s   Photo
Mentor Studio Reflex 1927-1967   Photo
Mentor Tropen Reflex (Tropical) 1910-1911   Photo
Mentor Universal 1908  
Mentor Universal Reflex 1965  
Mentor Werbe-Reflex (13x18) c1934   Photo
Mentor Werbe-Reflex (9x12) c1934  
Mentorett 1936   PhotochartRarity index
Panorama I 1965-1980s  
Panorama II 1970-1980s   Photo

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