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The Marion & Co. company roots can be traced to 1830's Paris company by Augustin Marion. In about 1842 the company opened its office in London, selling French goods, though it didn't start selling photography products until 1854. The first camera sales happened in the mid 1880's, and it's not completely clear if some cameras were manufactured by Marion, or all of them were made as sub-contract by Kershaw & Son. Marion was reselling a lot of cameras by other manufacturers as well. Starting 1921 Marion became part of APM, and later APEM.

Marion cameras: Years of manufacture:
Academy c1885-1890   Photo
Britannia 1887-1888  
Cambridge c1901-1904  
Camrana 1896-1898   Photo
Card Case 1895   Photo
Compacta 1886  
Dainty Reflex 1909-1921   Photo
Duplex c1903  
Empire (field) 1887-1897  
Empire (Studio, Universal) 1887-1898  
Excelsior c1887-1898   Photo
Excelsior de Luxe 1914   Photo
Folding Reflex 1915   Photo
Improved Oxford 1896-1898   Photo
Kr├╝geners Patent Book Camera c1886-1890s  
Metal Miniature c1884-1890   PhotoRarity indexCollection
Mignon Swallow 1902  
Modern c1896-1905  
Norka Studio 1919-1922  
Oxford c1885  
Parcel Detective 1885-1891  
Perfect 1890   Photo
Perfection 1891-1898   Photo
Perse Hand Camera 1895-1896   Photo
Pocket Sinnox 1908  
Puck c1892  
Radial Hand Camera 1891-1898   Photo
Sinnox 1908  
Soho Hand Camera c1903-1906  
Soho Night Reflex c1906   Photo
Soho Reflex 1906-1930s   Photo
Soho Reflex Baby c1926  
Soho Reflex Stereo 1908-1921   Photo
Soho Reflex Tropen Stereo (Tropical) 1911-1921   Rarity index
Soho Studio 1908-1919   Photo
Soho Tropen Reflex (Tropical) 1911-1930s   PhotochartRarity index
Star (box) c1904  
Star (folding) c1904  
Star (rollfilm) c1904  
Stereo-Reflex c1909   Photo
Swallow 1897-1902   Photo
Swallow (folding) 1902   Photo
Tailboard c1890s   Photo
Tailboard (Coles Patent) 1898   Photo
Ultra 1888-1892   Photo

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