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"Société Lumière" was founded in 1928 by the merger of brothers Lumière company and J. Jougla. The first cameras were manufactured under the Plavic trademark. In 1961 this company was blended into the Swiss group CIBA.

Lumiere & Cie cameras: Years of manufacture:
Automatique Magazine Camera c1890-1894  
Cil 1 110 c1975  
Cilfomat 300S c1970  
Cilfomat 300SL c1970  
Cilmatic Electric 300 c1969   Photo
Cilmatic Electric 300 S c1969   Photo
Cilmatic Electric 500 S c1969   Photo
Cilmatic Elite c1969  
Cilmatic Ideal c1969   Photo
Cilmatic Super c1969  
Cilmatic X Electronic c1969   Photo
Cilmatic X Elite c1969  
Colonial c1929-1932  
Dialux c1932-1935   Photo
Elax 1933-1938   Photo
Elax II 1949-1951   Photo
Eljy (Type 1) 1937   PhotoCollection
Eljy (Type 2) 1938-1939   PhotoCollection
Eljy (Type 3) (Eljy Super) 1938-1944   PhotoRarity indexCommentsCollection
Eljy (Type 4) 1944   PhotoRarity indexCollection
Eljy (Type 5) 1945-1947   PhotoRarity index
Eljy (Type 6) 1948-1949   PhotoRarity indexCollection
Eljy (Type 7) 1950-1952   PhotoCollection
Eljy Club 1951-1960   PhotoRarity indexCollection
Eljy Club (colored) 1951-1960   Photo
Eljy Club (de-luxe, crocodile) 1951-1960   Photo
Fidex 1931  
Krita c1929-1932   Photo
Ludax 1950-1961  
Lumibox 1934-1938   PhotoCollection
Lumiclub 1951   Photo
Lumiere (1935) 1935-1937   Photo
Lumiere (1937) 1935-1939  
Lumiere (1951) 1951-1956  
Lumiere 6x6 1954   PhotoCollection
Lumiere Box (4.5x6) 1935-1937   PhotoCollection
Lumiere Box (6x9) 1934   Photo
Lumiflex 1953-1957   Photo
Lumirapide 1939   Collection
Lumireflex 1957-1958   Collection
Lumirex 1934-1952   PhotoRarity indexCollection
Lumirex III 1952-1955  
Lumix 1936-1939   PhotoCollection
Lumix 52 1952-1961   Collection
Lumix F 1949-1953   PhotoCollection
Lutac c1960s   PhotoCollection
Lux Box (1934) 1935   Photo
Lux Box (1950) 1950-1955   PhotoCollection
Modax c1929-1932  
Nada 1930-1931   PhotoCollection
Nada Luxe 1930-1931   Photo
Optax (I) c1938  
Optax (II) c1948-1950   Photo
Optax (III) c1950-1955   PhotoCollection
Periphote c1901   Photo
Scoutbox 1934-1952   PhotoRarity indexCollection
Sinox c1932-1934   PhotoRarity indexCollection
Starter 1955   PhotoRarity indexCollectionfor_sale
Starter (plate) c1929-1932  
Sterelux (Mod I) 1933-1935   PhotoCollection
Sterelux (Mod II) 1935-1939   PhotoCommentsCollection
Takha c1929-1932   Photo
Ultra c1929-1932   Photo

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