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Lomography cameras: Years of manufacture:
Action Tracker c1990s   PhotoCollection
Diana F (plus) 2003   PhotoCollection
Diana Mini 2003   PhotoCollection
Fisheye (One) c2000s   PhotoCollection
Fisheye 2 2003   PhotoCollectionCommentsRarity index
La Sardina (DIY) 2011   Photo
La Sardina Belle Starr 2011   Photo
La Sardina Capri 2011   PhotoCollection
La Sardina Czar 2011   PhotoCollection
La Sardina Eight Ball 2011   Photo
La Sardina El Capitan 2011   Photo
La Sardina Fischers Fritze 2011   Photo
La Sardina Gunvor 2011   Photo
La Sardina Pattern 2011   Photo
La Sardina Quadrat 2011   Photo
La Sardina Splendour 2011   Photo
Spinner 360 2010   PhotoCollection
Spinner 360 Leather 2010   Photo

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