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Loman & Co. was founded in 1889 by Abraham Disk Loman in Amsterdam, Netherlands. Abraham designed a reflex camera, and started to manufacture Hollandse Reflex models. Several engineers have joined Loman soon after opening - W.H.Brandsma, F.W.Schaap, and L.J.R. Holst. In 1893 the company ownership was transitioned to Holst, and for a short time in 1893 company name was Holst & Zimmerman. In the same 1893 the name was changed again, to Reflexcompagnie. This company ceased to exist in 1897 when Holst moved to the USA, but Schaap and Brandsma continued manufacturing same cameras with the same equipment under Schaap & Co. name.

Loman cameras: Years of manufacture:
Holland (Field Camera) c1890   PhotoCollectionComments
Hollandse Reflex c1889-1894   PhotoComments
Hollandse Reflex Stereo c1889  
Hollandse Reflex Stereo (Tropical) c1889   Comments
Premier c1893   Comments
Reflex 1985   Photo
Sport c1890-1895   Comments

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