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Lipca (Lippische KF)Rollop IIa

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c1954. 6x6cm exposures on 120 film, TLR camera. f3.5 lens. Lever winder. Prontor-S shutter.

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by Madd10 » Mon Oct 01, 2012 2:05 am

Rollop IIa in excellent condition sold on Ebay Sept 30 2012 for 275 $

"Rare ROLLOP IIA "SEMI-AUTOMATIC" Serial N° 0 54406 LIPPISCHE CAMERAFABRIK Barntrup Germany (1954) in Exceptional close to new condition. Ennawerk Munich Ennagon f:3.5 7.5cm Taking Lens N° 37416 and Enna Werk f:3.5 7.5cm Viewing lens. PRONTOR-S Shutter with speeds from 1/ sec. to 1/300 sec. and B. In Exceptional Original Condition Externally and Internally. The Lens is clean no scratches, cleaning marks or fungus and only the very slightest amount if internal dust. It is in "ready to Use" Condition. The Shutter works at all. speeds and appears to be accurate. The Black fine grained covering is complete and in very close to Original Condition. The bright and Satin Chrome body has no dents or dings and only very slight signs of age. The image on the magnifying ground glass is very bright. The Reflex mirror has no scratches and only a slight amount of internal dust. Internally it is very clean. There are no signs the camera has been used. The black paint has only the very slightest marks from rubbing against the leather case. The Viewfinder opens correctly and the "Pop-Up" Magnifier lens is perfect. The image on the Ground Glass is bright and very sharp.This model IIA is equipped with an "Automatic Film Counter" and "Double Exposure Indicator" and they work correctly. There are a film type and film ASA exposure indication guides on the back. With its Superb brown case in the same almost new condition. The Rollop IIA has been cleaned, lubricated and adjusted by a qualified German camera repair expert just before listing."
Rollop IIa Sold on Ebay for 275 $ Sept 2012
Rollop IIa Sold on Ebay for 275 $ Sept 2012

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