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Light Industrial Products is not a camera manufacturer, but rather an official government enterprise responsible for import/export/marketing of the light industry products. Cameras are manufactured by Shanghai camera factory which actually consists of several locations across Shanghai region.

Light Ind Prod cameras: Years of manufacture:
East Wind c1970s  
Moudan M1 c1970s  
Pearl River c1970s   PhotoCollection
Red Flag 20 c1970s   PhotoRarity index
Red Flag 20 (outfit) c1973   Photo
Seagull (field) c1955   Photo
Seagull 203 c1970s   PhotoCollectionWishlist
Seagull 203-1 c1970s   PhotoCollection
Seagull 203-H c1970s  
Seagull 205 c1970s   PhotoRarity indexCollection
Seagull 4 c1970   PhotoCollection
Seagull 40th anniversary 1998   Photo
Seagull 4A c1970   PhotoCollection
Seagull 4A-103 c1970s   PhotoCollection
Seagull 4A-105 c1970s   PhotoCollection
Seagull 4B c1970   PhotoCollection
Seagull 4BI c1970   PhotoCollection
Seagull 4C c1970  
Seagull 501 c1968  
Seagull 9 c1974  
Seagull DF 1972   PhotoCollection
Seagull DF (DF s/n) 1972   PhotoRarity index
Seagull DF-1 1969   PhotoCollection
Seagull DF-300 1985   PhotoCollection
Seagull DF-300 X 1985  
Seagull DF-900X 1994  
Seagull DFAB 1970   PhotoWishlist
Seagull DFC 1970  
Seagull KJ-1 c1970s   Photo
Seagull MF 205 1972  
Seagull OF 1971  
Seagull SB 1970  
Shanghai 201 1960  
Shanghai 202 1963  
Shanghai 203 1965   Photo
Texer SR c1970s  
Youyi 1970s  

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