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The optician firm of J. Lancaster was founded in 1835 by James Lancaster, in Birmingham, England. In 1871, in order to reflect involvement of James' son William, the company was renamed to J. Lancaster & Son. Most likely the company started manufacturing cameras in 1877. In 1905 the company became J. Lancaster & son, LTD. Thirty years after death of James, in 1955, the company ceased its activity.

Lancaster cameras: Years of manufacture:
Amateur Camera c1890-1902   Photo
Amateur Hand Camera c1908   Photo
Boy's Own (box) 1902   Photo
Boy's Own (folding, set) c1902   Photo
Boy's Own (folding) c1902   Photo
Boy's Own No.1 (box) c1900-1903   Photo
Boy's Own No.2 (box) c1900-1903   Photo
Boy's Own No.3 (box) c1900-1903  
Champion 1909   Photo
Champion Hand Camera c1908   Photo
Copy Camera c1900   Photo
Cyclecam c1903   Photo
Cyclo Instantograph c1898-1902   Photo
Detective Camera c1880-1891   Photo
Emperor 1909   Photo
Excelsior Instantograph 1907-1915   Photo
Extra Special c1891-1902   Photo
Filmograph de Luxe 1908-1909   Photo
Filmograph No. 1 c1903   Photo
Filmograph No. 2 c1903   Photo
Filmograph No. 3 c1903   Photo
Filmograph No. 4 c1903   Photo
Filmograph No. 5 c1903   Photo
Folding Focal-Plane Camera 1910-1913   Photo
Folding Focal-Plane Stereo 1910-1913   Photo
Gem Apparatus c1880-1910   Photo
Gem-Victoria Apparatus c1880-1910   Photo
Hand Detective Camera 1889   Photo
Imperial Gem c1908-1914   Photo
Imperial Instantograph c1894-1902   Photo
Improved Special 86 c1886-1910   Photo
Instantograph (Aluminum) 1886-1910   Photo
Instantograph (Brass) 1886-1910   PhotoCollectionchartCommentsRarity index
Instantograph (early) c1880   PhotoCollectionchart
International Patent 1885-1905   PhotoCollectionComments
International Patent (Field) c1885   Photochart
Invincible c1903   Photo
Invincible de Luxe 1906-1910   Photo
Kamret c1900   Photo
Kamret (4.5x6) c1900   Photo
Kamrex c1900s   Photo
Kamrex De Luxe c1902-1910   Photo
Kapawl c1885   Photo
Kapawl (rollfilm) c1898-1902   Photo
Ladies Camera (folding) c1894-1900   Photo
Ladies Camera (tailboard) c1880s   Photo
Ladies Gem (handbag) c1900s  
Long-Shot c1880-1891   Photo
Meritoire 1888-1905   PhotoCollection
Meritoire Stereo c1880-1905   Photo
Merveilleux c1880-1915   PhotoCollectionchart
Merveilleux (tailboard) 1886-1887   Photo
Merveilleux Stereo c1889-1905   Photo
Omnigraph c1893-1902   Photo
Omnigraph C c1910   Photo
Omnigraph L c1910   Photo
Omnigraph RL c1910  
Omnigraph Stereo c1897   Photo
Panocam c1902  
Patent Pocket Camera c1888   Photo
Perfect Omnigraph c1896-1900   Photo
Plano-Reflex c1904-1914   Photo
Plano-Reflex de Luxe c1908   Photo
Pocket Filmograph c1903   Photo
Pocket Gem c1908-1915   Photo
Pocket Instantograph (Aluminum) c1893-1902   Photo
Pocket Merveilleux c1902-1908   Photo
Portable Instantograph 1893   Photo
Rover c1891   Photo
Royal Instantograph c1899-1903   Photo
Snap-Shot c1880-1893   Photo
Special Brass Bound Instantograph c1891   Collection
Special Camera c1911   Photo
Special Instantograph c1902-1903   PhotoCollectionchartRarity index
Stereo Instantograph c1891-1905   Photo
Stopit No.1 c1986-1908   PhotoCollection
Stopit No.2 c1986-1904   Photo
Stopit No.3 c1986-1904   Photo
Studio Camera c1880s   Photo
Superior Omnigraph c1893   Photo
Universal Studio (New Studio) 1880-1905   Photo
Watch camera c1891-1900s   Photo
Watch camera (replica) c1982  
Wet Plate Camera c1891-1893   Photo
Zoegraph c1898-1902   Photo

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