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Kunik Walter cameras: Years of manufacture:
Foto-füller c1956   Photo
Foto-füller Luxus c1956   Photo
Mickey Mouse Camera 1958   PhotoCollectionRarity index
Ompex 1960   PhotoCollectionRarity index
Ompex Gold 1960   PhotoCollectionRarity index
Peti-tux (presentation, chrome) 1956   Photo
Peti-tux (presentation, gold) 1956   Photo
Petie (handbag) c1956   PhotoRarity index
Petie Auto c1956   Rarity index
Petie Gold c1956   PhotoCollectionRarity index
Petie I c1956   PhotoCollectionRarity index
Petie Lighter c1956   PhotoRarity index
Petie Music Box c1956   PhotoRarity index
Petie Vanity (leather, black) c1956   PhotoRarity index
Petie Vanity (leather, brown) c1956   PhotoCollectionRarity index
Petie Vanity (leather, gold/brown) c1956   Photo
Petie Vanity (leather, green) c1956   PhotoCommentsRarity index
Petie Vanity (leather, orange) c1956   PhotoRarity index
Petie Vanity (marble, chrome) c1956   PhotoRarity index
Petie Vanity (marble, gold) c1956   PhotoRarity index
Petietux c1957   PhotoRarity index
Petitax 1962   PhotoCollectionRarity index
Petitax (purse) 1962   PhotoComments
Petitux IV c1960   PhotochartRarity index
Tuxi c1956   PhotoCollectionRarity index
Tuximat 1959   PhotoCollectionchartCommentsRarity index

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