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Konishiroku (小西六) company traces its roots back to 1873, when Sugiura Rokusaburō started selling photographic products in his father's pharmacy store. Over time the company had several different names, though Konishi was always part of the title. Until 1902, Konishi didn't manufacture cameras, but relied on subcontractors. In 1902, this company opened its own manufacturing division - Rokuoh-sha (a lot of cameras bear this name until 1943). At the same time, many cameras, especially ones made for Japanese military, are labeled as R. Konishi or R. Konishi & Co. (until about 1943).

In 1921 the company took the name Konishiroku and adopted the cherry blossom as its logo.

In 1960, Konishiroku acquired Taisei Kōki, a small camera manufacturer with a modestly well-known reputation. In 1987, the company changed its name to reflect its successful brand name, Konica (Konishiroku Camera).

Later, in 2003 Konica merged with Minolta to form the Konica-Minolta company, which discontinued cameras production in 2006.

Konishiroku (Konica) cameras: Years of manufacture:
Aerial Camera (Fairchild F-8) 1941-1945  
Aerial Camera (GSK 99) 1940-1943   PhotoRarity indexCollectionWishlist
Aerial Camera (Spring Motor) c1939   PhotoCollectionWishlist
Aerial Camera (Type 100, SK 100) 1941-1945   PhotoCollectionWishlist
Aerial Camera (Type 99, Navy) 1942-1945   Photo
Aerial Camera G 1960s   PhotochartRarity indexCollectionWishlist
Baby Pearl c1934-1946   PhotoRarity indexCommentsCollection
Big Mini BM 201 c1990   PhotoManualCollection
Big Mini BM 201 (black) c1990  
Big Mini BM 201 (gold) c1990  
Big Mini BM 201 Date (gold) c1990  
Big Mini BM 301 (black) c1992   Photo
Big Mini BM 301 (chrome) c1992   Photo
Big Mini BM 302 c1993   Manual
Big Mini BM 302 Date c1993   PhotoCollection
Big Mini BM 310Z 1991  
Big Mini BM 310ZP 1992  
Big Mini BM 311Z 1992   PhotoCollection
Big Mini BM 410Z 1992  
Big Mini BM 411Z 1993   Collection
Big Mini BM 510Z 1994   Photo
Big Mini BM S 100 1996   Photo
Big Mini BM S 525Z 1997  
Big Mini BM S 630Z 1996   Photo
Big Mini BM S 70 1997  
Big Mini EX BM 101 c1997   PhotoRarity index
Big Mini F c1999   Photo
Big Mini F Date c1999  
Big Mini HG BM 300 c1994   PhotoCollection
Big Mini Jr BM 20 c1993   PhotoCollection
Big Mini NEO 1993   Photo
Big Mini NEO-R 1994  
Big Mini NOU 135 1995   Photo
Big Mini SR BM 100 c1994   PhotoCollection
Big Mini SR BM 100 Date c1994   Collection
Big Mini Standa c1995-1997   Photo
Big Mini TR BM 610Z c1995-1997   PhotoCollection
Big Mini TR BM 610Z Date c1995-1997  
Big Mini VX BM 701 1996   Collection
Big Mini Zoom c1993  
Black & White c2002   Photo
Champion c1904-1911   Rarity index
Cherry 1903   Rarity indexWishlist
Cherry (8x10.5) 1904   PhotoRarity index
Cherry (replica) 1903   PhotoRarity index
Cherry II 1904   PhotoRarity index
Dr.Finder EFP-30 1992   Photo
Dr.Finder EFP-30 (red) 1992   Photo
Dr.Finder Jr. EPJ 10 c1992   PhotoCollection
Field Camera c1890-1919   Photo
Field Camera (Navy) c1941   Rarity index
Hexar 1993-1997   PhotochartRarity indexManualCollection
Hexar Classic '120 Years' 1993   PhotoWishlist
Hexar Gold 1993   Photochart
Hexar outfit 1993-1997   Photo
Hexar RF 1999-2003   PhotoCollectionWishlist
Hexar RF 72 2002   PhotoWishlist
Hexar RF Limited 2001   PhotochartWishlist
Hexar RF outfit 1999-2003   PhotoManualWishlist
Hexar Rhodium 1994   Photo
Hexar Silver 1997   PhotoCollectionWishlist
Hexar Titanium c1994   PhotoWishlist
Idea 1909-1914  
Idea A c1920-1924   Photo
Idea B c1915-1924   Photo
Idea Hand Camera c1930-1935  
Idea Hand Camera (Nikkor) c1930-1935  
Idea No.1 c1923-1928   Photo
Idea Pocket A-1 c1909-1920  
Idea Pocket B c1909-1915  
Idea Snap c1916-1924  
Idea Spring c1926-1940   PhotoRarity indexCollection
Jump 1987-1988   Photo
Jump Auto 1991   PhotoCollectionWishlist
Jump Shot 1994   Photo
Kanpai 1989   PhotoCollection
Kanpai Auto Date 1989  
KD-200Z 2001   Digital
KD-300Z 2001   PhotoDigital
KD-400Z 2002   PhotoDigitalCollection
Koni Omega M 1968-1969   Collection
Koni Omega Rapid c1964-1967   PhotoRarity indexManualCollectionWishlistfor_sale
Koni Omega Rapid-M 1967-1968   PhotoCommentsManualCollection
Koni Omegaflex M c1968-1975   PhotoRarity indexManualCollectionWishlist
Konica 8E c1964   PhotoCollection
Konica A4 1989   PhotoRarity indexManualCollectionWishlist
Konica A4 Auto Date 1989   Collection
Konica AA 35 1984   PhotoRarity indexCollectionWishlist
Konica AA 35 (red) 1984   PhotoCollectionWishlist
Konica Acom 1 1976-1982  
Konica Acom 1 Auto Date 1976-1982  
Konica AF 3 1984   PhotoRarity indexManualCollection
Konica AF 3-D 1984   Collection
Konica AF 700D c1990s   Photo
Konica Aiborg c1991   PhotoRarity indexCommentsCollectionWishlist
Konica AQ-110 c1980s   PhotoWishlist
Konica Auto S 1963-1965   PhotoManualCollection
Konica Auto S 1.6 1967   PhotoRarity indexCollection
Konica Auto S 261 c1967   PhotoManualCollection
Konica Auto S2 1965   PhotoRarity indexManualCollection
Konica Auto S3 c1976   PhotoRarity indexCollection
Konica Auto SE Electronic 1967   PhotoCollection
Konica Auto-Reflex 1965-1968   PhotochartRarity indexCollection
Konica Auto-Reflex P 1966-1968   PhotoRarity index
Konica Autoreflex A 1968-1971   PhotoRarity indexManualCollection
Konica Autoreflex A 1000 c1972-1973   PhotoCollection
Konica Autoreflex A(2) 1971-1972   Collection
Konica Autoreflex A3 c1973-1976   PhotoManualCollection
Konica Autoreflex T 1968-1970   PhotoRarity indexCommentsManualCollectionWishlist
Konica Autoreflex T(2) 1970-1973   PhotoRarity indexCollection
Konica Autoreflex T3 1973-1975   PhotoRarity indexManualCollectionWishlist
Konica Autoreflex T3 (cut-away) 1973   Photo
Konica Autoreflex T3 '100th Anniversary' 1976   PhotoCollection
Konica Autoreflex T3(N) 1975-1978   PhotoRarity indexCollection
Konica Autoreflex T3(N) (gold) c1975-1976   Photo
Konica Autoreflex T4 1978-1979   PhotoRarity indexManualCollection
Konica Autoreflex TC 1976-1982   PhotoRarity indexManualCollection
Konica Autorex (black) 1965   Photo
Konica Autorex (chrome) 1965   Collection
Konica Autorex P 1966  
Konica C35 1968   PhotoRarity indexCollectionWishlist
Konica C35 (black) 1969   PhotoRarity indexCollection
Konica C35 AF 1977-1980   PhotoRarity indexManualCollection
Konica C35 AF2 1980   PhotoRarity indexCollection
Konica C35 AF2 D 1982  
Konica C35 Automatic 1971-1972   PhotoRarity indexManualCollection
Konica C35 E&L 1971   Photo
Konica C35 EF 1975   PhotoRarity indexCollection
Konica C35 EF D 1978   Photo
Konica C35 EF3 1981   PhotoCollectionWishlist
Konica C35 EF3 D 1981   Photo
Konica C35 EFP 1977   PhotoRarity indexManualCollection
Konica C35 EFP2 1984  
Konica C35 FD 1973   PhotoRarity indexCollection
Konica C35 Flashmatic 1971-1972   PhotoCollection
Konica C35 MF 1982   PhotoManualCollection
Konica C35 MF D 1982   Photo
Konica C35 V 1972   PhotoRarity indexCollection
Konica Coca-Cola c1990s   PhotoWishlist
Konica Disc 10 1983   Photo
Konica Disc 15 1983   PhotoCollection
Konica EE Matic 1963   PhotoRarity indexCollection
Konica EE Matic 260 1967   PhotoCollection
Konica EE Matic Deluxe 1965   PhotoRarity indexManualCollection
Konica EE Matic Deluxe 2 c1966   PhotoRarity indexCollection
Konica EE Matic Deluxe F c1967   PhotoCollection
Konica EE Matic S 1965   Rarity indexCollection
Konica EFJ 1982   Photo
Konica EFP 2 1984   Photo
Konica EFP 20 c1990s   PhotoCollection
Konica EFP 3 1987   PhotoCollection
Konica EFP J c1991   PhotoRarity indexCollection
Konica Electron c1969   PhotoCollection
Konica EU Mini 1993   PhotoCollection
Konica EU Mini AF c1999   Photo
Konica EU Mini Bavaria c1993   Photo
Konica EU Mini Borussia Dortmund c1993   Photo
Konica EU Mini FC Bayern München c1993   Photo
Konica EU Mini II 2002   PhotoCollection
Konica EU Mini Snoopy 1993   PhotoCollection
Konica Eye c1966   PhotoCollection
Konica Eye 2 c1967  
Konica Eye 3 c1967   Photo
Konica F c1960   PhotoCollection
Konica FC-1 c1980-1983   PhotoRarity indexManualCollection
Konica FF-88 c1996   Photo
Konica Film-in c1990s   Photo
Konica FM c1965   PhotoCommentsCollection
Konica FP c1963   PhotoManualCollection
Konica FP 1 c1981-1983   PhotoCollection
Konica FP 1 (Program) c1981   PhotoManualCollection
Konica FR c1960s   PhotoRarity index
Konica FS c1962-1964   ManualCollection
Konica FS 1 c1979-1983   PhotoRarity indexManualCollection
Konica FSW c1962   Photo
Konica FT 1 (motor) c1983-1987   PhotoRarity indexManualCollectionWishlist
Konica FT 1 Pro Half c1984  
Konica FT-1 (motor, transparent) c1983-1987   Photo
Konica FTA c1968   PhotoCollection
Konica FTA (new) 1970-1973  
Konica I c1948-1950   PhotoRarity indexCollection
Konica I (Made In Occupied Japan) c1948-1950   PhotoRarity indexCollection
Konica I (US Army Signal Corps) c1948-1950   Photo
Konica II c1951   PhotoRarity indexManualCollection
Konica IIA c1956  
Konica IIB c1955   PhotoCollection
Konica IIB-m c1955  
Konica III c1956   PhotoRarity indexCommentsManualCollection
Konica III L2 1957  
Konica IIIA c1958-1961   PhotoRarity indexCommentsCollectionWishlist
Konica IIIM c1959-1960   PhotoRarity indexCommentsCollection
Konica Instant Press c1983-1984  
Konica J c1960  
Konica K Mini c1995   PhotoCollection
Konica L c1961   PhotoRarity indexManualCollection
Konica Marine C35 1971-1972   PhotoRarity indexCollection
Konica MG c1983   Photo
Konica MG/D c1984  
Konica MR 640 1988   Photo
Konica MR 70 1985   PhotoRarity indexCollection
Konica MR 70 LX 1987   PhotoRarity index
Konica MT 10 c1989   PhotoCollection
Konica MT 100 c1989   Photo
Konica MT 11 1986   Photo
Konica MT 7 1986   PhotoCollection
Konica MT 9 1986   PhotoCollection
Konica Multi 7 1986  
Konica Multi 8 1986  
Konica Multi 9 1986  
Konica Pop c1982   PhotoRarity indexCollectionWishlist
Konica Pop 10 1985   PhotoRarity indexCollection
Konica Pop 10 Auto Date 1985  
Konica Pop AF 1985   Rarity indexCollection
Konica Pop AF 210 c1990s   Photo
Konica Pop AF 800 c1990s   Photo
Konica Pop AF 800 Auto Date c1990s  
Konica Pop AF 880 c1990s   PhotoCollection
Konica Pop AF 880 Auto Date c1990s  
Konica Pop BF 120 c1990s   Photo
Konica Pop BF 85 c1990s   Photo
Konica Pop EF 80 c1990s   PhotoCollection
Konica Pop EF 88 c1990s   PhotoCollection
Konica Pop EF 88 Auto Date c1990s  
Konica Pop EFP 8 c1990s   PhotoCollection
Konica Pop Mini c1980s   Collection
Konica Pop Super c1988   PhotoRarity indexCollection
Konica Pop Super Date c1988  
Konica Press 1965-1970   Photo
Konica Press 2 1970-1975   Photo
Konica S c1959   PhotoCollectionfor_sale
Konica S II c1961   PhotoCollection
Konica S III c1963   PhotoCollection
Konica S Mini c1996   PhotoCollection
Konica TC-X 1983   PhotoManualCollection
Konica U Mini 1993   Collection
Konica U Mini AF c1999  
Konica U Mini US Flag 1993   Photo
Koniflex 1952   Collection
Koniflex IIB 1957   Rarity index
Konilette 1953   PhotoRarity index
Konilette (II) 1957   Collection
Konilette 35 1959   PhotoCollection
Konilette IIM 1959  
Konipak 300 c1970s   PhotoCollection
Korok 1914-1916   Photo
Lily (military) c1938   Photo
Lily Hand Camera c1930-1937   Photo
Lily Hand Camera (Anytar) c1932  
Lily No.1 c1909-1922  
Lily No.2 (horizontal) c1916-1923   Photo
Lily No.2 (vertical) c1916  
Machine Gun Camera (Type 89) c1933   PhotoRarity indexCommentsCollection
Manbow 1987   Photo
Manbow Woo 1988   Photo
Mermaid 1993-1995   Photo
Mermaid Auto Date 1993-1995   Collection
Minimum Idea 1911-1929   Photo
Motto Mini c1993-1995  
Neat Lily c1923-1927   Photo
Neat Reflex 1929   Photo
Nice Shot c1990s   Photo
Off Road (Foreman/MS-40) 1988   Photo
Off Road 28 (Foreman wide) 1990   PhotoRarity indexCollection
Off Road 28 HG (Foreman) 1994   Photo
Off Road 28 WB (Foreman) 1994   PhotoCollection
Off Road 28 WB ECO (Foreman) 2001   PhotoRarity index
Off Road 35 WB (Foreman) 1994   Photo
Off Road 35 WB ECO (Foreman) 2001  
Off Road DD (Foreman) 1989   PhotoRarity indexCollection
Off Road New (Foreman) 1992  
Off Road Zoom (Foreman) 1996   Photo
Ohka Camera c1935  
Panorama Zoom 1991   Collection
Pearl (6x9) c1933   Photo
Pearl (8x13.7) c1911  
Pearl I c1949-1950   Photo
Pearl I RS c1950   Rarity indexCollection
Pearl II (4.5x6) c1952-1955   PhotoCollection
Pearl II (8x10.5) c1909  
Pearl IIB c1955   Photo
Pearl III (4.5x6) c1955  
Pearl III (8x10.5) c1909  
Pearl III L c1957  
Pearl III MX c1956   Photo
Pearl IV (4.5x6) c1958   PhotoRarity indexCollection
Pearl IV (8x10.5) c1909  
Pearl No.2 (6x9, metal) c1927-1931   Collection
Pearl No.2 (6x9, wooden) c1923-1927  
Pearlette c1925-1946   PhotoRarity indexCollection
Pearlette B 1936  
Pearlette Deluxe 1937  
Photo Pie c1990s  
Pocket 400 c1975   Photo
Rapid Omega 100 c1975-1981   PhotoCollection
Rapid Omega 200 c1975-1980   PhotoRarity indexCollection
Record Camera 1926   Photo
Recorder c1984   Collection
Recorder DD 1985   Photo
Revio 1997   PhotoCollection
Revio CL 1999   PhotoCollection
Revio CZ 2001  
Revio II 2000   PhotoCollection
Revio Z2 1999   PhotoCollection
Revio Z2 Date 1999  
Revio Z3 1999   PhotoRarity indexCollection
Rubicon (X-Ray) c1948-1950  
Rubicon II (X-Ray) c1950  
Rubikon c1938  
Sakura (cine) c1940   Photo
Sakura (Vest Pocket) c1930-1937   Photo
Sakura Box c1931   PhotoRarity indexCollection
Sakura Pak 100 c1969  
Sakura Pak 100X c1972  
Sakura Pak 300 c1969   Photo
Sakura Pocket Prano 1906-1909  
Sakura Prano 1907-1909  
Sakura Stereo Prano 1907  
Sakura-Flex 1940  
Sakura-go c1935   Rarity index
Semi Pearl c1938-1948   PhotoCollection
Snap c1959   Photo
Snappy c1949   PhotoRarity indexCommentsCollection
Snappy (set) c1949  
Special Lily c1916-1923  
Special Lily (1924) c1924-1927  
Special Pearl (The Pearl) c1913  
Special Pearlette 1929  
Special Thin Portable Camera c1908-1919   PhotoRarity indexCollection
Studio Camera c1920s  
Tomato 1985   PhotoRarity indexCollectionWishlist
Tomato Auto Date 1985   Photo
Top's c1991   Rarity indexCollection
Top's 200-P c1994  
Top's AF-300 c1992  
Top's AF-300 SP c1993  
Top's AF-P c1994  
Top's EF-200 SP c1993   Photo
Tropical Lily c1931   Photo
Z-up 110 Super 1996   Photo
Z-up 110 VP 2000   PhotoCollection
Z-up 115e 2002  
Z-up 118 Super c1990s  
Z-up 120 VP 1999   PhotoManualCollection
Z-up 125e c2002   Photo
Z-up 125ez (Fantasio 125ez) 2002  
Z-up 130e 2001  
Z-up 135 Super c1995   PhotoRarity indexManual
Z-up 140 LX 1998   Manual
Z-up 140 Super 1996   PhotoManualCollection
Z-up 150 VP 2000   Photo
Z-up 150e 2002   Photo
Z-up 150ez (Fantasio 150ez) 2002  
Z-up 28W 1990   Rarity indexCollection
Z-up 28W Auto Date 1990  
Z-up 60 1998   Collection
Z-up 60e (Fantasio 60z) 2002   PhotoCollection
Z-up 70 Super 1998   PhotoManualCollection
Z-up 70 VP 1998   PhotoManual
Z-up 80 1988   PhotoRarity indexCollection
Z-up 80 RC 1989  
Z-up 80 RC Limited 1990   Rarity index
Z-up 80e (Fantasio 80z) 2002   PhotoRarity indexCollection
Z-up 90e c2002   Photo

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