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Kodak EastmanStartech

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1959. 127 film camera. Made for close-up medical and dental photos.

Kodak Eastman: Startech camera

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by bill339 » Tue Oct 09, 2018 4:19 pm

The Startech is a specialized version of the Brownie Starflash supplied with two close-up lenses, red marked 4-8 inches and green marked 10-16 inches, as are the aperture settings on the camera. They used the Starflash body and just plugged the external fash ports. The left-hand side of the body shows painted metal plugs that have the shutter electrically connected to them on the inside of the camera. To facilitate the calculation of the distance, a chain (not with USA kit) with three colors (metal, red, green) was attached to the camera and was to be tended by the photographer, between the camera and the subject. The color of the chain in contact with the object determined the cap to install. A metal framework placed under the camera made it possible to maintain the minimum distance between the lens and the object (not with the USA kit) and facilitated framing. The lens apertures are very small with f27 and f64 to achieve a depth of field at close-up distances and a correct exposure level for the short working distance of the flash unit. The USA kit came with a camera with a built-in flash unit and attachable flash shield. Two color-coded close-up lenses, two AA batteries, one roll of 127 Kodak Ektachrome film, and 12 M-2 flashbulbs. Also, a cardboard easel (miniature studio) is included along with instructions for use of the camera. This Flashtech was introduced in 1959, two years after the Brownie Starflash. One of the other differences from the Starflash is that the flash reflector on the Startech is a dull grey, not the reflective mirror of the Starflash. Another difference is that the Startech exists only in white.

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