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Kodak EastmanJiffy Kodak Six-20 Series II

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1937-1948. 620 film camera. Leatherette front.

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Kodak Eastman: Jiffy Kodak Six-20 Series II camera

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by bill339 » Wed Mar 25, 2020 2:55 pm

The camera used 620 roll film that produced a picture size of 6x9cm. The engraving on the back cover opening catch reads Six 20, Jiffy Kodak, Series II, and Made in USA by Eastman Kodak Co. Rochester, N.Y... The camera has a Twindar 105mm lens with two aperture settings of f/8, f/11 (some cameras have f/16 also) that set by a pull-out tab on the left of the front plate of the shutter/lens assembly. The Jiffy Six 20 has a turning focus ring surrounding the lens with a setting of 5 to 10 feet and a setting of 10 feet to infinity (not very precise with no stopping points). It also has a simple spring rotary one speed shutter of 1/50 of a second, and settings of I (Instant) plus T (time) with a lever on the top of the shutter/lens assembly. The camera has two small waist high reflecting bright viewfinders, one for portrait and one for landscape mounted on the pop-out shutter/lens assembly. The Kodak Jiffy Six 20 Series II is a single extension, strut folding, self-opening Bellows camera. It has a silver button on the right side of the camera that you press to spring open, pressing the face plate/shutter/lens assembly will close the camera. The back of the camera has a small cover that is hinged with a latch on top and when opened reveals a red window to view the frame number on the film backing. It also has a slide release on the top of the camera to open the film compartment. There is a sticker inside of the back cover that reads “Use Kodak 620 film”, “Caution this camera does not take 120 film”, and many patent numbers after that. The Jiffy also has a Camera leg that swivels for vertical and a smaller leg attached to the larger one for horizontal table top standing on the back of the shutter/lens assembly. The body and shutter/lens assembly is made of metal with a leatherette covering weighing in at 753g. The camera was introduced in 1937 and discontinued in 1948. The suggested retail original price was $9.00.

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