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Kodak EastmanInstamatic X-90

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1970-1973. 126 cartridge camera. Has meter, spring motor, rangefinder and 2.8 lens.

Kodak Eastman: Instamatic X-90 camera

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by bill339 » Sat Mar 07, 2020 1:51 pm

The X-90 was produced by Kodak (Rochester, NY, USA) from July of 1970 to August of 1973. Whilst most Instamatics were simple "snapshot" cameras, made of plastic with very few, or no, adjustments, the range extended through designs with metal chassis, light meters or automatic exposure, rangefinders and even an SLR with interchangeable lenses. There were also add-ons such as tele-converter lenses and viewfinders. The X-90 is a rangefinder model with a spring motor frame advance and shutter release. The camera comes with a metal pull ribbon with a tab accessed at the bottom of the camera to wind the spring. It is pull like in a talking doll but you pull it out multiple times till the camera is wound and good for 20 exposures plus leading and trailing exposure. The X-90 uses 126 cartridge film with a whole every frame to stop the film advance and load the shutter. The camera has a Kodak Ektar 38mm f/2.8 lens and shutter speeds of 1/60, 1/125, and 1/250 of a second plus B. It also has 1/30 of a second set by exposure control with 1/40 of a second for flash (this is set automatically when you insert a flash Magicube). The viewfinder is an optical projected view frame type with parallax marks for 5 feet with illuminated signals for insufficient light plus used flashcube. The focusing range is 3 feet to infinity and the lens opening is set automatically by the electric eye, the ASA is set by the 126 film cartridge, and these are powered by a PX-30 (Now the PX30-L lithium replacement for the mercury PX30) battery. The camera has a test button for the battery on the front, when pressed a green light will appear in the rangefinder window (middle front) if the battery is good. The camera dimensions are 8.8 × 13.2 × 6.1 cm (3 7/16 × 5 3/16 × 2 3/8 inch) and weighs about 2.5 pounds.

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