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Kodak EastmanFilm Pack Hawk-Eye No.2

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1922-1925. Metal body. Very common camera. Golden sign "Drink First Aid" on the back means this camera is 15-20 times more valuable for your collection.

Kodak Eastman: Film Pack Hawk-Eye No.2 camera

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by bill339 » Sun Dec 06, 2015 2:57 pm

Film Packs were introduced in 1903. Initially known as the Premo Film Pack, after 1922 they were renamed as the Kodak Film Pack, and were available in a range of sizes from 6x4.5cm to 13x18cm (5x7"). Originally designed as a replacement for glass plates, indeed adaptors were available for many glass plate cameras. Up until the mid-1920's Eastman Kodak manufactured many cameras with the Premo and Hawk-Eye brand names specifically for this format. An interesting cross-over between old and new technology, the Film Pack comprised 12 cut celluloid films, stored in an (initially cardboard, later metal) outer case that was simply placed in the back of the camera, packed in such a way that the simple expedient of pulling a paper tab loaded a fresh film into place for each exposure, the previously exposed film being at the same time moved to the back of the pack. Each of the paper tabs, which protrude through a slot in the cameras top and were torn off after being used, had a number on it which acted as a basic, though perfectly efficient exposure counter. The camera is all metal with two reflecting finders, meniscus lens, 1/50 of a second leaf shutter with bulb setting, and a handy leather handle with the name embossed on it. On the back of this camera are the words “MOEHRING’S LYNN, MASS.” In white letters.

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