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Kodak EastmanDisc 8000

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1982-1984. HR disc camera.

Kodak Eastman: Disc 8000 camera

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by bill339 » Sun Mar 19, 2017 2:00 pm

The Disc 8000 was the top of the line. For the extra money you got a self-timer, single-shot and 3-shot burst modes; you got a little LCD clock-alarm built into the cover (which is not integrated with the camera at all, so it's just a tiny travel-alarm), and you got a spiffy gold finish. Modern Photography called it gaudy, but that was the 1980’s. The camera has two 3v lithium batteries, Part Number 227322. They were made by Matsushita Electric (aka Panasonic). You had to send the camera in to Kodak to get them changed. The camera also uses a CR2025 (or equivalent) coin battery for the clock located in the back of the cover. The Kodak Disc 8000 camera was initially priced at $143.00 and manufactured in USA from 1982 until 1984 when production stopped.
The acetate film backing was thicker than 35mm or 110 film therefore more rigid which meant they gave a better format for a flat surface so the film was not the problem with picture quality. The cameras themselves were all fitted with fairly decent aspherical lens so no problem there. The real problem was was the processing. The film was meant to be processed by a 6 element system not the usual 3 element used for processing 35mm film. Few labs wanted to go to the expense of acquiring the new processing equipment so they processed the discs using their existing equipment. Of course they turned out badly, had they used the "right stuff", things may have turned out much differently and the format would have lasted till the digital age.

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