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Kodak EastmanBrownie StarFlash

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by bill339 » Sat Oct 06, 2018 9:50 pm

This camera has a molded plastic body, optical direct vision finder, and a built-in flash with reflector for cap less M2, M5, or M25 flashbulbs. The flash is powered by two AA batteries located behind the reflector and you need a common head screwdriver to access them. The camera was introduced in March of 1957 and manufacturing was discontinued in June of 1965: The black model was made from March of 1958 till October 1960. The red model was produced from March of 1958 till August of 1962. The white model was made from March of 1958 till February of 1962. The blue model was produced from February 1958 till December 1961. The Coca-Cola motif was made from October 1959 till December 1961. All models sold for $8.50 other than the Coca-Cola model that was a promotional camera. This camera uses 127 roll film and produces 1 5/8” x 1 5/8” pictures. The camera was manufactured in Kodak’s US factory and in Maisons-Alfort, France. The Brownie Starflash has a 28mm Dakon lens, a 1/50 of a second rotary shutter, a two-port external flash connector, flashbulb release button on the back, B&W or Color film selector, optical viewfinder, film advance knob on the bottom, a film compartment release lever on the bottom, and a handy built-in carry strap. An almost identical camera badged the Kodak Startech was supplied in an outfit for close-up dental & medical photography. The Startech outfit included two close-up lenses green plus red (10-16 inches or 4-6 inches) and a flash shield. The only thing it did not have was the two external flash ports. The Startech exists only in white.

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