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Kodak EastmanBrownie No.2A Model B (US)

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by junkman3969 » Mon May 25, 2009 5:18 pm

i just purchased this model camera at a flea market for $5.00, i dont know anything about it. I dont even know how it works, I just like antiques.Ive bought some other things while I was there too, but this peice was in pretty good condition( no box ). I was just wondering what was worth.

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by bill339 » Sun Jul 12, 2015 10:35 am

This Box Film camera was first introduced in April of 1907, discontinued in 1933, and the numbers made is in the millions but unknown. The progression of the camera went like this. From April 1907 to August 1909 all openings were just wrapped in leatherette. From August 1909 till October 1911 the front panel receives metal eyelets for the viewfinder lenses. From October 1911 till June 1917 the ground glass finders plus lenses have metal trim and the camera gets metal spring tension springs for the film spool ends. From January 1918 till June 1920 the camera receives round pivoted catches with milled edges and a manufacturer’s nameplate on back. From March 1920 till April 1924 the camera receives a metal trigger guard for the shutter release trigger. From April 1924 till the end of production in 1933 they produced the Model c with an internal Aluminum cage with the colored models arriving in 1929. The roll film size was 116 for all renditions and the Picture size was 2 ½” X 4 1/4". The cameras have a Meniscus lens and a Rotary shutter. The original price was $3.00, $3.75 for the Aluminum Model C, and the color models sold for $4.00. The camera was constructed with Leatherette covered cardboard case, wood to hold the lens plus shutter mechanism, and metal for the film cage, crank assembly, and various other parts. The camera has two reflecting finders, and the case was removed for loading by releasing two pivoted catches and pulling out the film winding key. It has three aperture settings and two shutter settings of B plus 1/30 second, both accessed from the top of the camera

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