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King KG was established in 1936 in Pforzheim, Germany. Two years later this company moved to the Bad Liebenzell. Until the end of WWII, King KG didn't produce cameras. It wasn’t until 1950 that they started to manufacture cameras, in particular their soon to be major brand, Regula. Sometime in the 1980s the company was renamed King Regula-Werk GmbH & Banser. In 1984 the company filed for bankruptcy.

King cameras: Years of manufacture:
Alka c1963   PhotoCollection
Alka Automatic c1963   Photo
Alka II 1965  
Alka Vario c1960  
Azo automatic 1962  
Azore V c1954  
Baia 110F 1978  
Bali c1960   Photo
Bali (Regulette) c1961  
Bali Automatic I c1961   PhotoCollection
Bali Automatic II c1961  
Bali Automatic III c1962  
Brockmeyer III c1959  
Campbell Rapid SL c1965  
Creter Automatic c1961  
Delial c1974  
Dominant 1965-1975   Photo
Dominant Diplomat C c1967  
Ertl Automatic c1961  
Fotoma Automatic c1961  
Kombi c1955  
Leisegang Automatic 1960  
Marburg Automatic 1962  
Mastra V 35 c1958   PhotoRarity indexCollection
Okamatic I c1961  
Panorama LS 135 c1970-1973  
Panorama LS 235 c1970-1973  
Panorama LS 335 c1970-1973  
Panorama LS 35 c1970-1973  
Panorama Pocketmatic 102 c1976  
Prinz Mastermatic 1961  
Prinz Pilot E 1965  
Prinz Pilot II 1965  
Queen 1955  
Regula (1950) 1950   PhotoCollection
Regula (1951) 1951-1953   PhotoRarity indexCommentsCollection
Regula (1953) 1953   PhotoRarity indexCollection
Regula 118 1976   PhotoCollection
Regula 1510 c1978  
Regula 210 EF 1976  
Regula 218 L 1977  
Regula 218 LE 1977  
Regula 35 CM c1983  
Regula 35 FE c1983   PhotoCollection
Regula 35 FM c1980s  
Regula 35 ME c1980s   Photo
Regula 410 1978   Photo
Regula 418 EL 1981  
Regula 418 LE 1981  
Regula 420 1978  
Regula 430 1978  
Regula 460 EL 1978  
Regula 510 1978-1980s  
Regula 510 Tele 1980s  
Regula 515 EL 1981   Photo
Regula 520 1981  
Regula 528 1981  
Regula 530 1978  
Regula 560 EL 1981  
Regula 580 motor 1980s  
Regula 590 motronic 1980s  
Regula Cita 1954   PhotoRarity indexCollection
Regula Cita III 1956-1958   PhotoManualCollection
Regula Citalux 300 1956   PhotoComments
Regula Diplomat C 1968-1970   PhotoCollection
Regula Disc 4001 c1982  
Regula Disc 4001 MX c1982  
Regula Disc 4001 SX c1982  
Regula Disc motor-flash MX c1984  
Regula Electronic 35 c1968   Collection
Regula Gipsy 1955  
Regula IIb c1955-1956   PhotoCollection
Regula III 1950  
Regula IIIa c1957-1958   PhotoCollection
Regula IIIb c1956   PhotoManualCollection
Regula IIIbk c1958   Photo
Regula IIIc c1956-1958   Photo
Regula IIId c1956-1960   PhotoRarity indexCollection
Regula Insta-King 100 1969  
Regula Insta-King 124 1970-1972   Collection
Regula Insta-King 200 1969  
Regula Insta-King Automatic 1970-1972  
Regula Insta-King Electronic 1970-1972  
Regula L 1958-1960s   PhotoCollection
Regula L automatic 1960   Collection
Regula LK 1959  
Regula LKB 1962   Collection
Regula Miniking L 1974   PhotoCollection
Regula Miniking LK 1974   Photo
Regula Olymatic CdS 1965  
Regula Olymatic I c1963  
Regula Olymatic IA c1967   PhotoCollection
Regula Olymatic III c1963-1965  
Regula Olympia I c1960  
Regula Olympia II c1960  
Regula Olympia III c1962   Photo
Regula Picca C c1972-1980s   PhotoCollection
Regula Picca CB c1972-1980s   PhotoCollection
Regula Picca CBS c1972-1980s  
Regula Picca CLK c1972-1980s   PhotoCollection
Regula Picca CLKS c1972-1980s  
Regula Picca CS c1972-1980s   Collection
Regula Picca-mat c1972-1980s   Photo
Regula R c1956   Photo
Regula Rapid-SE c1964  
Regula Rapid-SL c1964   PhotoCollection
Regula Reflex 2000 CTL 1968-1970s   PhotoRarity indexCollection
Regula Reflex K650 c1972  
Regula RM c1956-1960s   Photo
Regula Rotor-S c1970s   Photo
Regula Sprint 1962   PhotoCollection
Regula Sprint MDX 1988   Photo
Regula Sprintic 1962   PhotoCollection
Regula Sprintic C 1965   Photo
Regula Sprintomatic 1963  
Regula Sprinty 1962-1963   PhotoManualCollection
Regula Sprinty B 1963   Photo
Regula Sprinty BC 1965   PhotoCollection
Regula Sprinty BC 300 c1970s   PhotoCollection
Regula Sprinty C 1965   PhotoCollection
Regula Sprinty C 300 c1970s   PhotoCollection
Regula Sprinty CC 300 c1970s   Collection
Regula Sprinty LK 300 c1971  
Regula Super 1959   Photo
Regula Super Automatic 1959   PhotoRarity indexCollection
Regula Supermatic 1968  
Regulette 1958-1962   PhotoRarity indexCollection
Regulette 125 1963   Photo
Regulette 250 SB 1964  
Regulette 300 SB 1965  
Rollop 35 (Regula Rapid SE) c1964  
Rollop 35 (Regulette 125) 1963  
Schmidt 35 1975-1977  
Sosna Automatic c1961  
Tickyphot 35 1975-1977  
Tickyphot 35 B 1975-1977   Photo
Tickyphot 35 BS 1975-1977   PhotoCollection
Universa c1970  
Visiorex c1964  
Wesemüller Automatic c1961  
Willi Schröder Sport 1962  
Winterhoff Color c1963  

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